12 Quotes 12 Lessons!

Hello, lovely folks!!! this  year is about to go and we are ready to welcome the new year with the great zeal. every year that passes gives us a lot of things and also takes various things from us. throughout this year I read 36 books which I learnt a lot from. books are our …

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Migrating from Bloggers to WordPress!

Usually, people start their blogging career with BlogSpot because this is the best platform to start with zero investment when you are new in this business. Once you get use to it, you can easily migrate to any another popular platform like WordPress and much more. This platform gives much more freedom to the writer …

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*India and the Fear of Democracy

Lal Salaam: A Blog by Vinay Lal

Recent events at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India’s premier university, are an ominous sign of the Modi Government’s relentless assault upon democracy.  The arrest, around ten days ago, of Kanhaiya Kumar, a graduate student at JNU who serves as the JNU Students Union President, on charges of sedition and criminal conspiracy under Sec. 124A of the Indian Penal Code has been roundly condemned all over India.  If convicted under this colonial-era legislation, Kumar could in principle receive a sentence of life imprisonment.  The campus of this venerable institution, whose alumni feature prominently in the political, social, and intellectual life of the country, was turned for several days into a fortress with armed police at every corner.  Widespread demonstrations by faculty and students at the police crackdown led to suspension of classes and campus life remains seriously disrupted at this time.

kanhaiyaKumarBeingArrested JNUSU President, Kanhaiya Kumar, Being Arrested by the Delhi Police.

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