Vipassana for Everybody!!!

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i have been away from Blog Sphere from last few days, now i am glad to be back.  in today’s post i am going to talk about Vipassana meditation.

at different levels of spirituality we have different meditation techniques. a beginner is not supposed to do the meditation techniques like mystic rose, dynamic and techniques like Chakra awakening. but Vipassana is some the few techniques which can be practiced at any level.

Vipassana is such a simple thing that even a small child can do it. In fact, the smallest child can do it better than you, because he is not yet filled with the garbage of the mind; he is still clean and innocent.

it can be done in three ways. one can choose what is best for her.

  • the first one includes Awareness of actions, body, mind,  heart. Walking, we should walk with awareness. Moving our hand, we should move with awareness, knowing perfectly that we are moving the hand. we can move it without any consciousness, like a mechanical thing. we are on a morning walk; we can go on walking without being aware of our feet. should be alert of the movements of our body. While eating, be alert of the movements that are needed for eating. Taking a shower, be alert of the coolness that is coming to us, the water falling on us and the tremendous joy of it. Just be alert. It should not go on happening in an unconscious state.

And the same about our mind:

whatever thought passes on the screen of our mind, just be a watcher. Whatever emotion passes on the screen of our heart, just remain a witness ¯ don’t get involved, don’t get identified, don’t evaluate what is good, what is bad; that is not part of our meditation. our meditation has to be choice-less awareness.

And for a woman, i feel that it is the easiest, because a woman is more alert of her body than a man. It is just her nature. She is more conscious of how she looks, she is more conscious of how she moves, she is more conscious of how she sits; she is always conscious of being graceful. And it is not only a conditioning; it is something natural and biological.

and we know, Mothers who have experienced having at least two or three children, start feeling after a certain time whether they are carrying a boy or girl in their womb. The boy starts playing football; he starts kicking here and there, he starts making himself felt ¯ he announces that he is here. The girl remains silent and relaxed; she does not play football, she does not kick, she does not announce. She remains as quiet as possible, as relaxed as possible.
So it is not a question of conditioning, because even in the womb we can see the difference between the boy and the girl. The boy is hectic; he cannot sit in one place. He is all over the place. He wants to do everything, he wants to know everything. The girl behaves in a totally different way….

  • The second form is breathing, becoming aware of breathing. As the breath goes in, our belly starts rising up, and as the breath goes out, your belly starts settling down again. So the second method is to be aware of the belly, its rising and falling. Just the very awareness of the belly rising and falling … And the belly is very close to the life sources because the child is joined with the mother’s life through the navel. Behind the navel is his life’s source. So when the belly rises up, it is really the life energy, the spring of life that is rising up and falling down with each breath. That too is not difficult, and perhaps may be even easier, because it is a single technique.

In the first, we have to be aware of the body, we have to be aware of the mind, we have to be aware of our emotions, moods. So it has three steps. The second sort has a single step: just the belly, moving up and down. And the result is the same. As we become more aware of the belly, the mind becomes silent, the heart becomes silent, the moods disappear.


  • And the third is to be aware of the breath at the entrance, when the breath goes in through your nostrils. Feel it at that extreme ¯ the other polarity from the belly ¯ feel it from the nose. The breath going in gives a certain coolness to your nostrils. Then the breath going out … breath going in, breath going out.

That too is possible. It is easier for men than for women. The woman is more aware of the belly. Most men don’t even breathe as deep as the belly. Their chest rises up and falls down, because a wrong kind of athletics prevails over the world. Certainly it gives a more beautiful form to the body if your chest is high and your belly is almost non-existent.
Man has chosen to breathe only up to the chest, so the chest becomes bigger and bigger and the belly shrinks down. That appears to him to be more athletic. Around the world, except in Japan, all athletes and teachers of athletes emphasize breathing by filling your lungs, expanding your chest, and pulling the belly in. The ideal is the lion whose chest is big and whose belly is very small. So be like a lion; that has become the rule of athletic gymnasts and the people who have been working with the body.


Japan is the only exception, where they don’t care that the chest should be broad and the belly should be pulled in. It needs a certain discipline to pull the belly in; it is not natural. Japan has chosen the natural way; hence you will be surprised to see a Japanese statue of Buddha. That is the way you can immediately discriminate whether the statue is Indian or Japanese. The Indian statues of the Gautama Buddha have a very athletic body: the belly is very small and the chest is very broad.


But the Japanese Buddha is totally different; his chest is almost silent, because he breathes from the belly, but his belly is bigger. It doesn’t look very good because the idea prevalent in the world is the other way round, and it is so old. But breathing from the belly is more natural, more relaxed.


These are the three forms. Any one will do. And if we want to do two forms together, we can do two forms together; then the effort will become more intense. If we want to do all three forms together, you can do all three forms together. Then the process will be quicker. But it all depends on you, whatever feels easy.  Remember: easy is right.


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