An Evolved Man!

who is an evolved man? an evolved man is much more than the average man. you will find striking differences between an evolved man and a non-conscious man. the way he talks, acts and reacts will reflect his evolution. if we look into our inner circles there certainly would be a lot of scope for evolution. an evolved man is a man who is very receptive to the universe and has no complaint with anything.

Below are seven important attributes of an evolved man:


1. He knows who is he:

According to psychological identity theory, there are four stages of identity development. At stage one, you have no identity. You blindly accept whatever ideology or values system was taught by your parents or family members.

At stage two, you begin expanding your social circle, but you passively go with the flow of society without questioning. You lack authenticity and obsess over fitting in and pleasing others. Like stage one: no true identity.

At stage three, you begin to experience an identity crisis. You realise you’ve been faking, copying, and blindly following your entire life. You begin to question your choices and values. This leads you to explore new lifestyles, belief systems, choices, friends, and cultures.

However, at this stage, there is little commitment and depth. Instead, it is endless searching for the next thing. Most people are stuck in a perpetual identity crisis. They have no clue who they really are.

At stage four, you have courageously voyaged through your identity crisis and autonomously committed to a particular identity (i.e., ideology, occupation, relational values, etc.). You continue to explore. However, this exploration is grounded on foundational beliefs and a clear sense of who you are and what your direction is in life.

Moving forward, I will define an evolved person as someone who has achieved their identity.

2. His life is simpler:

there will be fruits of simplicity in the life of an evolved man. he is not racing through the life. he lives in the present ad enjoys every moment. he prefers experiences over stuffs. he will remove everything from his life which distracts him and makes his life less simple.

3. He attracts the right people in his life:

As an evolved person, you attract the right people into your life. You are moving toward a huge vision and the needed connections and mentors always seem to show up right when you need them. As Buddha has said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

4. He sets aside time for meditation and introspection:

as a truly evolved man no matter how busy is your life you always manage to take some time the self=review and meditation. meditation makes us inner-directed and brings mindlessness which leads in the control over thoughts.

5. He feels a gap between himself and those he used to associate with:

an evolved man is very good at observing changes. he will clearly see the changes he has made in his connection and the effects it made on him.

6. He no longer compares himself with others:

an evolved man never compares himself with others. Comparison comes out of inferiority complex but for an evolved man nothing is inferior or superior, everything is unique in itself.

7. He finds joy in taking risks:
as a truly evolved man, you live a life of great courage. you love to come out of your comfortable zone. You love the moment when you’re about to do something that utterly terrifies you. You know that you’re attempting something that most people would never consider.

“When we stop taking risks, we stop living.” – Robin Sharma


Evolved people change the world. They live happier, simpler, and more productive lives. The best part is, as you grow in consciousness, you can see these evidence in your life—confirming you are becoming the person you were meant to be.


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