Self-Discovery: Who am I?

Have you ever ponder the way we are? are we the way we should be? or we can have some other forms also. we all have varying experiences in our lives. there are moments when we feel we are the happiest man on the earth but at other moments we find ourselves quite measurable. which of these men is us? we can’t be both of them at the same time.if we are the happiest one then who is the miserable one and vice versa. that means we are something else apart from these two forms. this very form can make us miserable and blissful depending upon our approach towards the circumstances.


now the question is how to recognise our true self? what is the way to self-discovery? well, I am too young and immature to answer this question. certainly, there are some of the things which need to be taken care of in order to be self-aware. some of them I have followed from last few years. they have been a great help to my pursuit to self-discovery. there was a time when I was completely no one and had no idea what I was doing. back then I was the completely off centre.

anyone could manipulate me by just saying something harsh or acceptable to me. I could be given any belief system. but now I have made myself such that it would be hard to me believe anything unless it appeals to my intellect and inner self.

I am very grateful to some of the quite generous people in my contact who introduced me to some of the enlightened masters in my early life. though my unconscious life did not harm me much because was too early to harm. then I started studying the work and teaching of different masters which continues now too. some of them are Osho
Rajneesh, Kabira, Buddha and Ramakrishna Pramhans and many others. Osho is the one who helped me a lot to all these great souls and their teachings.



though I have the way to go but I am well aware to differentiate between what is right or wrong for me. I may know how to work out things for me but I am not eligible to tell others anything self-discovery. I can only tell what steps I followed and what I got out of them. everyone has to make his or her own choices. not every
technique is for everyone. this is a very subjective thing. so, you have to find out what is suitable for you. for instance, the method of Devotion does not suit so, I went with the method od Meditation.

by working on both the methods we can know what is our call. the correct method will make us make centred and blissful. if devotion is your method then you will become more compassionate and loving. in the case of meditation, there would be self-awareness and Witnessing. your thoughts will be still. they will no longer disturb you. so, it is up to you what you want.there are some people who are okay great with both the methods too. they are exceptions. everyone does not have that quality.

we generally hear that for the self-discovery we need to renounce the world and go to the Himalayas. no that is not needed at all, in fact, that is a hurdle in your pursuit. unless you face the challenges given at your home, office or in the market how will you know where do you stand. in solitude, there would be no challenge to you. this world is the perfect place to know your truth. and we have nothing to renounce. whatever we have we go away one day naturally so there is no question of renouncing it. if we can’t save it how can we renounce it?

this post is based on my personal opinion so you are free to point out anything not in tune with you.


I'm delighted to hear from you!

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