Three things I care about most!

All of us at certain points sooner or later make the list of the things we care most or least. we need not make it on the paper or in any ms office file. as the
becomes the part of our life, the get stored in our subconscious mind. whenever they are in front of us we immediately recognise that this is the thing I want to go
for. where ever our Being resonates with the other things they become ours. we get drawn to them. there need not be the effort. our being makes us do the things we care
about even if they seem odd at beginning. but sooner or later we recognise the fact that this is the very way I need to apply in my life.
there are many things which I care about and many which I really don’t care about. but in this post, i would like to talk about the three things which are all in all in
my life. these are the very things which decide my whole approach towards life. let’s talk about them.


as far as I have known from my personal and others’experience that this attribute has been most misunderstood by us. when we say non-attachment, people
bring very strange ideas in their minds. by Non-attachment, they mean that we really don’t care about them whatever happens to them is not of our concern. a thing of so
much high value how can have so little meaning. if this is the meaning of the non-attachment, the it would be very useless or should i say harmful thing. but it has a
completely different meaning.


by non-attachment, i mean that while i am with a person, i would try to do anything in my capacity to make him/her happy. but when he is away either for a short term or
permanently, that would not make me sad. what’s the being sad. there was a time when he was not with me and there will certainly be a time when he won’t be with me.
why to make things tougher because of the little time we were together. but it can be misunderstood, by not being sad doesn’t mean that i don’t care about that person.
if he comes back, i will be loving him as before. the time we will loose in blaming the other person for leaving us or mourning on his leave, we can use that time
somewher else. we may help the perople who were close to him and are now emotionally troubled.


Living in the moment:

this is the second most important thing in my life. we never have more than a moment to live. we can neither live in past nor in future. so there
are two option one is to live in the present and other is to try to live in the past or future which practically is not possible. because the past has gone. it will never
come again and future is yet to come.


so, we can’t say anything about that. it may seem to us that we can live in the past or future and often we create the illusion
of enjoying this type of living. while living in the past or future we find ourselves occupied and feel safe. but when we are at the moment we have no idea what
would come with the next moment. we can get rid of the most of our problems if we learn how to be here and now. Non-attachment and living in the moment are co-related.
Non-attachment is not possible to achieve non-attachment with knowing the art of living in the moment and vice versa.


Accepting whatever comes:

this is last but not the least. I have about it in many of my earlier posts. we never know what is there in the future for us, neither we are
able to change it. so, the best thing we can do is to keep ourselves ready for whatever is about to come and accept it as it strikes our door. working against the rule
of nature is not a very prudent idea. nature wants us to face it. it will never provide us anything which is not suitable for us. it has very good plans everything. we
get what we deserve but it really matters how we take it. there is nothing wrong or right. everything is perfect in its own nature.


we can’t take any reference to compare the things but everything is unique and so are their effects. now it depends on us whether we will fight against them and try to stop them from happening and
always be in a continues to worry. and waste our time and energy, because we all know that it’s not in our hands to stop them. the another thing we can do is to accept it
and let them make us a new man.

I would like to admit that these are yet to become a part of my life completely. I have not yet attained them completely. there comes the moment when I feel that
I have to go a long way. there come the moments when I completely lose my present and get trapped in my past or future. I am working on all these things from last
three to four years. these years has changed me a lot. apart from few moments, now I do not get worry about the things which challenge me. I take them as a test and
try to score as good as possible. hope I will make myself better in the coming time.

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