English in Indian Society

It is generally said that if you want to impress an Indian then speak English if you are Indian and speak Hindi if you are a foreigner, he would be impressed and will
take you as an intelligent man. does speaking a particular language other than mother tongue add charm to your personality? especially, if the language is english. well
it certainly does up to some extent in the Indian domain. right now English has become so rooted in India that if you can’t speak or understand English fairly, your
chances of getting success are quite less.


the credit goes to British rule in India. English came to India with colonisation, after the establishment of their rule, they started the teaching of English language through Christian missionaries. this was the very first effort on their part to make it a second language of India after Hindi. hindi is spoken by 40% popolation of india and english being the second language is spoken by 12.10% people as per the census 2001. data for census 2011 is not out so presently in can be around 15~18% in total. from its origin in india, it has gone various phases. some were in the support while others in protest. I don’t want
to go into those details.

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what makes English important in India:

Indian education system is such that from the very first class you have to learn English. whether you like it or not that does not matter. if want a job then you gotta know english. for every competitive exam, be it for the corporate sector or government sector you need to have good knowledge of the language. you would be tested on the various parameters. even if you are applying for the post of a peon you should know English. that is what makes Indian education system inefficient and ineffective. all the official work are exercised in english and all the court hearing are held in english only. these are the few reasons which make it really important.



opposition to the English language:

from the very starting of the post-independence era, there has been opposition to English. many movements have been started in favour of the native languages of India. the whole argument was that english is a threat to other indian languages. the movement was done by especially by the right wing people. but it never stops English to emerge is the second language of the country. the Non-Hindi speakers always preferred English over Hindi especially the south India.



what do I personally think about English in India:

the protester of English think that it is an attack on the Indian culture and native languages are under threat. it would be the case if English is imposed on whole population and other languages are ignored. but it never happened. native languages were always put above any other language. so it’s not a threat to other languages. and if people start speaking english that doesnt mean that people will turn to the English man. they still would be Indian. speaking another language can offer anything opposite to the host country. the argument which the oppenent of english generally make is that even a
beggar speaks english in England but they should know that it is their mother tongue. when you speak a foreign language it cerains give some idea about your
intelligence. it will certainly enhance your brain power.

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efforts have always been made to impose hindi on all the people, that cann’t be the case in a diverse country like india. people have their own choices in a democratic country. they are free to speak the language of their choice. all the efforts to deny that choice will bring much harm to the country itself. if I feel like to speak the english language then its no one’s business to ask me to give the preference to any other language. i have nothing against mother tongue. people should speak that as much as necessary as far it appeals to you. you have your own choices. apart from making you anlytically strong the english language has many other benifits too. it is an international language. if you know english well then you would be able to communicate world wide and you would get to know the recent international happenings.


if you know English well then you will have access to all the greatest book of all time because most of them are in English.

so speaking a foreign language has its own charm but the proper respect should be given to the native languages. we can’t ignore them.

If Hindi is our mother then English can be treated as Wife and we can love both simultaneously.— Chetan Bhagat

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