13 Words Story: Demonetization


Punishing innocent people & a shock to the economy are major outcomes of Demonetization.


7 thoughts on “13 Words Story: Demonetization

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      i see that eye to eye up to an extent but it Govt. really cared about the black money it could have done it in a more planned and effective way instead of queuing up the whole nation in front of Banks and ATMs.

      love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂

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      1. but introducing a Rs. 2000 note does not seem to be an encouraging move towards cashless economy. in order to have a cashless economy we need to handle many other complications first.

        no policy is good or bad, its implementation is what we call deciding factor. the management of Demonetization has been quite gross till now.

        you might like to have a look at this


        thanks for your thoughts!!!

        love and light ❤
        Vikram 🙂

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      2. A very interesting though complex article. This is a view point, wonder what the opposition to these comments would be. many people use cash for different purposes, the sea is now churning , it will be interesting to see what comes up from the bed of the ocean. I would wait and watch before being over critical.

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    1. these are the common citizenry of the country especially the people who come from the lower rungs of the society and indulged in the informal sector. they are unable to meet their daily expenses due to lack of cash.

      farmers are kept in the wait for cash because the buyer is either giving them old currency or asking them to wait. he isn’t ready to go to the bank and stand in the queue.

      I am not against Demonetization, my whole point is that had it been implemented more sincerely there would have been more fruitful results and less trouble to the common folks.

      hope point is clear.
      thanks for the comment!!!

      love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂


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