Mind the Gap!!!

Once I was travelling from my university to home. my home is not that far from my campus so I generally do not go for reservations. it hardly takes 4 to 5 hours to reach home and my route falls on Amritsar – New Delhi route so the train is easily accessible that’s why I generally go with the general coach. on that day, after having a seat after travelling a bit, two men got my attention. they were having discussion about some bussiness idea. one of them seem to be quite critical and perhaps was cursing the God for his failures in life.


I heard him saying “I  tried everything for this idea to work but at last, it got rejected. I was so excited about this.” he seemed to be quite upset and unsatisfied with the way things turned out. another person was trying to relieve him by giving some reason that there might be some shortcoming on your part, otherwise, there was no reason that your proposal won’t be accepted. he said that we will reconsider this and will gain present it after some auditing. after that they became silent and if they were having between them, I couldn’t hear that.



it made me ponder about that what makes some people get success with little efforts but others don’t get it even after a lifelong struggle. what makes some ideas to work while other go in the trash. with my little knowledge about certain things and experience of 22 years of life, it occurred to me that the problem is noted the idea, neither the person who is proposing it but there is gotta be sth else which brings the real problem.


I do think it is the gap between the proposal of an idea and its execution. the gap between both is gonna be the deciding factors of its success. myriads of time many of the people proposed some of the brilliant ideas which could change the life of their surroundings drastically but due to lack of inspiration and adequate sources, they did not get implemented properly. due to this they just remained ideas and never brought any outcome.

in the wake of that, we can take a very recent example of demonetization in India by PM Modi. it was a master stroke to curb the black money and to give a hard punch to counterfeit currency. most of the people seemed to be supporting this despite all the hardship they were gonna have. even after a fortnight, the life of common people is same as that of on the first day of the announcement.



people are struggling rally hard for the cash. because of which they don’t meet their daily expenses. this is my personal experience that the life of common arena has become quite tough. I myself is surviving on Rs. 50 daily. and for the cash from the ATMs, you have to be in a queue for 2 to 3 hours. and when you go to the bank, you will not get a positive response because of the work overload due to demonetization.


this was just one example, there are countless examples when it comes to specially government. for any idea or policy to work the proper execution is must. even for the individuals the execution at  right time is must. in case you want to wake up early in the morning. for that you have to work on that. you may use some alarm clock and you can determine in your mind that you are going to wake up early tomorrow.


otherwise, it will be just a useless thought in your head. all the thoughts are useless unless we are able bring something productive out of them. and we all know very well that how many thoughts of ours are productive. so if you want your idea to bring something positive for you then please concentrate on proper planning and execution. you need to reduce this gap up to an optimal level.

let’s know what you think about this topic???

Discover Challenge: Mind the Gap.



5 thoughts on “Mind the Gap!!!

  1. Hi Akhila!
    let me start with apologising for i missed some of your last comments. i don’t know why they went to my spam folder. thanks to your post which reminded me to check my spam folder. hope it didn’t bother you much.

    and yes that’s true, in a sense there are no failures. we either get success or we get to learn something. we fail after we quit.

    best regards!!!

    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂


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