Eliciting Information!!!

once we had a fun activity in our class. Our teacher gave us all a very simple task of eliciting some information to the student next to us. teacher whispered a word in the ear of the student in the first row and he had to pass the word to the next student. there was one rule that we had to speak it only once and our volume should be just enough to pass the message and the student at the third place should not get the word.

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it was a fun doing all this. at the end, the teacher called both the students the first and the last one. he asked them the word they heard. the first student wrote the word “scientist” which was recited by the teacher and the last one came with a very different word i.e. “Politician”. it was really surprising to all of us including the teacher. I could think what made him come up with that word. both the words are completely different.

these don’t have anything common between them. a scientist can never be a politician and vice versa.
we generally think that all the information given by us has reached the other person in its original form but that is a very rare case. in the above activity some of the students didn’t hear it properly and some did not pronounce it correctly and it got distorted and last came with a very strange word. the same thing happens to us in our lives. people never get the things we want to tell them, rather they hear what they want to hear or can hear. every person will hear it differently because every person is different.


for instance, if give the same book to 10 different people read and give their view about though the content is same but we will get 10 different perspectives. it all depends on our understanding. in the everyone is taught the same syllabus by the same faculty but everyone does not get equal marks. some top the exam while some fail it. I do think that things are quite interesting in this way. otherwise, it would have been a tedious aware that everyone is understanding and nothing is get misunderstood. in that case, there would have been no charm in life.


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we often wish that everyone should be happy. just imagine the world when no one is sad, everyone is in bliss, none of us has any complaint towards anything. after that what would be the world like. what after happiness. that would be the most unfortunate date when we won’t have any complaint about anything. that is gonna be the universal suicidal day.
there is some charm in the way things happen in our lives. it is very planned. whatever has to happen will happen. we can’t do anything about that.


the best thing is to accept whatever comes to us. when an author writes a book, he does not request his follower to understand what he wants to say because that would be of no use. he has to accept the reader’s view. the best he can do is to clarify later on in case any particular view does not match to his original idea. he has to leave it to the reader to decide what should be taken from his book and what should be left off.

what do you about Eliciting information in its original form? did it ever happen to you that you wanted to give sth else but people got sth else?

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