Deciding priorities!!!

Many of the times we come across to the moments when we are not able to decide what is more important to us. it happened to me a few months ago. at that time I was quite
active in the WordPress community. I was participating in all sort of activities like joining various forums, participating in various activities run by daily post and
various other activities which I had been invited to by fellow bloggers which include various challenges and award posts.

Being a college student, I also had to care for my career so I was preparing for competitive exams simultaneously. though blogging was only a hobby but it had become
an addiction. I was spending 6 to 8 hours daily on blogging itself. I started ignoring other important things which I needed to focus more on. so I thought to take a
break from my blogging journey. I was not giving time to my reading commitments too. so, after all, i took a break. during that, i did a lot of things. I gave a lot of time
to my studies and reading some of the wonderful books. I was doing well with my daily routines.



in the meantime, i used to get a notification on my blog but I did not have time to be more active. at some particular moment, it came to my mind that maybe I was focusing
so much on the future but somehow I was missing something which was certainly blogging. I thought it won’t be a big harm if make one or two posts weekly and read some
of the posts.


with the very thought, i am back here and this is my very first post since I took a break from here. I am pretty sure I will enjoy this as much as I did earlier.


wish you all very happy writing.

keep writing and keep inspiring !!


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