Raison D’être: Why do i write?

have you ever thought about, why do you do what you do? what is that which keeps you motivated all the way along? are you doing it out of your passion or the circumstances made you do so? and the most important thing, do you enjoy what you do?


these are some of the questions which keep on wandering through our minds. some of us have answers to these questions and others are trying to figure out. I have been asked myriads of times that why do I blog? what do I get out of it? should not I focus on my career?

these questions are justified according to them because from their point of view unless you make money out of something you do that is a waste of time. these are the very people for whom career building is just the accumulation of money. if that is the case then it is a very cheap deal. are we wasting some much time and energy just for the accumulation of few pieces of papers?


sorry, that is not the case. the first thing that Success is a hypothetical word for me. I have seen many big people; politicians, actors, scientist and businessmen but I never came across a single successful man. I don’t think such a man really exists and if he exists somewhere in a distant region, he would not be obsessed with the money factor.



In order to answer all those questions, which are being asked to me my answer will be very short and simple. I write or blog because I feel like. It gives me happiness. though I could waste my most the time in chattering with friends, chatting on facebook, going to movies all such other stuff. but they don’t give me that feeling which I always wanted to have. rather than to have a face to face conversation, i would prefer to talk in writing.


don’t I have the confidence to face the people? no, that’s not the case. I prefer writing more because it gives me the opportunity to deliver what I want to deliver but in the case of conversation, there is no connection between listener and speaker. no one cares about the other person. everyone just listens what he wants to listen.


and I don’t also write because I have to impress someone. no, that has never been my intention. I write because, by writing, I am able to be myself. writing helps me to pour my heart to people. by writing, I am able to talk about all those things which I have always wanted or the ones which I think are very close to my heart. If my writing is able to make a single person feel better, that will be the biggest achievement for me.



I don’t want anything more from myself. my whole effort is to make people smile, for that reason, I’ll be spreading my love through writing. love doesn’t demand anything in return. because I do feel that the true nature of love is in being unconditional. unless it is independent of the other person, it will not be able to be what it is supposed to be. these are the few things which make me write.
What is that which makes you write?

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