Why do we give so much respect to rituals?

A black man was on his way to the church. he was thinking about the priest. because he had tried to go church many times before also but he never succeeded. when he reached the church he saw that the priest is at the main gate. he said where are you going my dear friend, the man said I want to pray to God so kindly let me be in.


now as we are in modern times and people are more conscious about human rights so he could not say straight away that, “how dare you to think that I will let you in the place of god, you black man. you don’t deserve that and your very entry will contaminate this holy place so get lost from here and never again think about to come here”.


so he said, listen, my dear friend. I’m very happy to see you here and glad that you wanna pray to god but my dear unless our mind is not still, no pray is gonna help us so it’s quite necessary for you to make your mind still before the prayer to God. because a prayer from deviating mind will not reach the god. so please go and work on the peace of your mind and then I will welcome you into the kingdom of god. now it was impossible for the black man to say anything.

he must have been a very simple man so he returned home and started thinking about the day. he went on thinking and thinking. he spent days in this. one day God appeared in his dream and asked what do you want o nobleman? he was very happy to see God before him. he said that I want to go to church so that I can pray you but the priest never let me be in. whenever I try to go in he always sends me back and says go and make your mind still.


god smiled after listening to him and said, you can go there so do not try t go there, that place is not for you. but why can’t I go there? because I am trying to go there for so many years but he never let me be in though that place runs on my name but there is no place for me. so in that case you have no chance to be there.


though the story is imaginary but it tells a hard truth about the human beings. all of our worship places carry the same attribute. they run in the name of God but there is no place for god itself. god ahs always waited outside because if he entered then business in the name of temples/church/mosques will not continue that is the main reason there ain’t any entry for the God itself.


if we clearly observe the people go and run the people are the people who are most impotent and are not able to take the responsibility on their shoulders. a courageous man never needs to go anywhere. he ready to take all the responsibilities on his shoulders. he does not need to blame the god for his problems and he does not need to bribe the god for his vested interests.


I have observed temple-going people. they are just afraid people. they thunk that if they did not bow to god then something bad will happen to them and hardly a single person who knows a bit about the God. whatever you tell them about god they will accept it provided it should be along with their belief system.


and there are so many rich people who go on temples and feels that they are doing the biggest job of charity though it is done to cover all the black tasks they are indulged. we can cover a black spot with the white one so this is a safety valve for them. whenever will he be exposed the same temple going people will think that how can such a religious man do such type of work? it will hard to believe for them.


In my concluding remarks, I wanna ask you can we really make a shelter for the God? who are we? what are our capacities? if yes then we will be bigger than the almighty because he can’t even manage to arrange a shelter for him. he is dependent on us. then there is not point in following him and worshiping him. then no point in the whole idea of religion. but every wise or religious man knows that is not the case.


the managers of the God often give the argument that by making temples  they are protecting the religion or God. in response to that I remember the last five-minute speech of Amir Khan in PK movie. he says that “this universe is infinite and our galaxy is a very small part of the universe and our world is the very small part of the galaxy and our country carries the very small part of the world and your city also carries very small part of this country and you sitting in this city say that you protect God. and God himself protects the whole world. he does not need your protection. he who can protect the whole universe is very much able to protect himself.”

P.S. It can be unacceptable to many of you so all the counter arguments are much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Why do we give so much respect to rituals?

    1. yes, you are right. and in order to be religious there is no need to go to so called religious places. religion is a very personal thing.
      thanks for the attention 🙂

      love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂


    1. yes, you are very right. we have created a very wrong image of God. a truly religious person never believes in anything, he just go and apply it in his life and checks whether it holds true or not. he is a very practical and scientific man rather than believer.

      thanks for the attention 🙂

      Love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂


  1. The issue really is many of those that pray read very little religious text, and thus their only connection to the religion to which they preach is through the temple they attend.
    It’s not wrong to worship through churches, and it’s not wrong to worship as an individual either, but relying on secondary oppinion (as opposed to the primary source) always leaves you worse off.

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  2. Hello, dear Nam!
    this issue is of those too who read but never try to understand what they read. I know many people personally who go on preaching religious texts and people go on listening but none of them has any idea about what is said. and religious text is a finger towards the moon but not the moon. so they should be used as a tool. the main focus should be on the moon rather than the finger.

    and the people who go to temple/church for prayers have a strange idea that this is the only place where God lives but in fact, God never lived there. I don’t think it’s necessary to go to church for the prayers. the kingdom of God is inside us.

    Love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

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