Liebster Award#2

I heartily thank my dear friend,  Nam H Nguyen for nominating me for this wonderful award. this is the second time, I have been nominated for this award. I really enjoy doing award posts. Nam is a wonderful guy and blogger. He is a Bachelor of Arts Graduate who lives in Melbourne. His blog is about Creative Writing and Book Reviews. Here you will find some interesting fiction. I highly recommend you people visit him and needless to say, follow him.






11 Random facts about me:

  1.  I live in India.
  2. I don’t follow any religion.
  3. I’m agnostic.
  4. I’m an ambivert.
  5. currently, I’m am pursuing in Mechanical Engineering.
  6. I have taken 50 books as the reading challenge for this week and I’m on the track!
  7. I’m a vegetarian by choice.
  8. I’m a voracious reader.
  9. I prefer books over T.V.
  10.  Mr Dostoevsky is my all time favourite author.
  11.   I do meditation daily.


Answer to the questions of Nam:

When did you first starting and why?

It started on 1st November last year. I wanted to join blogging from a very early time but somehow could not start. I always have been interested in writing and reading. but last year I got  inspiration from a variety of sources and it got started. I blog because it provides  a platform for me where I can meet people from the different corners of the world and enables me to reach the world through my thoughts. now my thoughts are not just limited to just myself.

What did blogging teach you?

some part of this question was answered in the previous question. till now it taught me a lot of things. it has enriched my writing skills a lot. and now I can talk on a variety of issues. the most important thing is that by this I come to know the people with different backgrounds and cultures which is a better way to understand the outer world.
What would you do, if your blog went viral?

hahaha… obviously it will increase my responsibility towards my blog. then I need to spend more time here.

What is your favourite book and why?

Among all the books I have read till now, The Brothers Karamazov is my favourite. it is one of those rare books,which goes quite deep into the human mind and represents a complex nature of human mind.

What is your favourite animal and why?

I don’t have any favourite animal as such. I love all the animals equally.

What do you do in your spare time and why?

In my spare time, I read books because that is my favourite hobby apart from that I talk to my friends and family members on the phone.

What do you work as and what did you always want to be?

right now, I’m a student of Engineering and I’d be working for the government.

If you had one place you could live, where would it be?

It would be Venice. because it is stunningly beautiful.

What is your favourite country?

My favourite country is India. it’s not because I live here. because it one of those few countries it offers me a great diversity in every aspect of life. though it has many problems of it’s own which up to some extent every country has. the ancient wisdom of the India fascinates me most.

What is your vice?

my vice is that I don’t pay any attention to Hippocrates. these are the people who annoy me most.

What is your most important trait?

It’s a quite relative thing. in my case, it is the unconditional love for all. this is the thing which matters for me the most.


My nominees are:

Clueless Birdie



Benjamin Wilson Fianu


Ruby Craft







Questions to my nominees:

  1. what is your most memorable moment ?
  2. the one thing you want to change in you?
  3. one thing that you want to change about your country?
  4. are you an outsider or insider?
  5. who is your favourite author?
  6. what makes you angry?
  7. how do you define success?
  8. what is most important to you in life?
  9. which is your favourite genre of books?
  10. what do you regret about your life?
  11. what keeps you motivated?

Congrats dear nominees!


26 thoughts on “Liebster Award#2

      1. Hi, my friend!
        I’m great, busy, and happy, thanks for asking 🙂
        Thinking on vacation… I don’t know why… Venice didn’t help to focus, lol
        Love and light 🙂

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