Wisdom vs Knowledge!

Osho Darshan Diary#4

The Arya Samaj was founded by another parrot, Swami Dayananda. He was far worse than Swami Vivekananda and certainly comes nowhere near J.
Krishnamurti. He was just a scholar, a linguist, very clever at splitting hairs, very efficient at playing with words. And the whole of Arya Samaj is still carrying his
nonsense. When the founder himself is not enlightened it is almost impossible to find enlightenment through his so-called wisdom – which is not wisdom at all
but only knowledge, mere knowledge. He created many scholars, but he could not create a single man of enlightenment, a single man of the caliber of Gautam
Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu or Zarathustra. But many scholars have followed the footprints of Dayananda.

Satyavrata is certainly one of the most respected leaders in the Arya Samaj, so these are the two problems – why he cannot come here openly. He sent a
message to me that he wanted to see me in private. Why? – because he wanted to know something about meditation. But that is not something very private, you
can ask it before others. But a great scholar, a respected leader of a religious cult is afraid that if his colleagues, friends come to know that he has been asking me
what meditation is or how to meditate, then all his respectability will go down the drain.
I n fact, to be associated with me is risky, very risky, dangerous. I am notorious! To be with me one has to be at least capable of being notorious.


I don’t care at all for respectability – I am not a leader, I don’t belong to any cult, any creed, any dogma. I am simply saying what I have known. Whether your scriptures
support it or not is beside the point. I f they agree with me it is good for them, if they don’t agree with me then it is their misfortune. But I am not at all interested
in being supported by the tradition, by scriptures, by religious leaders, by political leaders. I stand my own ground. And I have known my original face, so I don’t
care about public opinion.
That is his problem: first, he is a great scholar. How to ask a question? – because the question shows your ignorance, that you don’t even know what
meditation is all about and you have been writing on the Upanishads, which are nothing but pure meditation.

And then he is afraid of losing his respectability in the Arya Samaj. I have spoken again and again against Dayananda, so the Arya Samajists are absolutely
against me. He will lose his leadership, and at the age of eighty-two it becomes more and more difficult to risk, one loses all courage. Death is knocking on the
doors, how can you be courageous? So, of course, he admires me, but he can only admire me secretly.
You say: “He told me that he doesn’t know whether there is any such thing as self-realization.”

He may not have thought that you would put it in a question to me. Now it will be known all over the world. What he was hiding, you have made open. He
certainly does not know that there is any such thing as self-realization because he has never meditated. I t is an experience, and unless you drown in it, become
utterly drunk with it, you cannot know it.


BookZen: Zest Zip Zap and Zing
chapter 2:  Mind: an expert coward


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