Gadgets, Are they really helpful?

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

As the Science progresses it makes our life more vibrant and they say easier too but I am really doubtful about the later one. rather than making our life simpler it seems that all these gadgets have made our life more occupied. now everyone is busy on their computers and smartphones, and no one is really having time for their real life. I guess everyone has more virtual friends than the real life friends. they say that smartphones save our time but in my view, it does not seem to be true because after the coming of smart phones people have become busier.

they do not have time for their family and beloved ones. whenever they are with somebody their more than 50 percent energy is always devoted to smartphones. they go on checking if there is any new message on what’s app, FB or not, and if they do not get any for a longer they time they seem to be anxious. the most astonishing fact is that if people do not find any way to waste their time on smartphones, they continuously go on locking and unlocking their phone which is of no use at that particular point in time. it seems that if they are not doing something with their smartphone every time they will make them behind to other people.

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Here WordPress asks for the world’s best widget. what’s the need of that? people are already so much occupied that any other gadget will make their life tougher. having been from an engineering background It fascinates me that I should make something which will make people’s life more interesting and joyful. I want to make something which can reduce the human stress level, and which can help them to give some time to them and to the people who care for them. I do n’t want smart people who are made so by smart gadgets but I want better human beings who care for others and understand others well.

if we closely observe the conversation of the two gadget enthusiast people it seems that they are always in a hurry and they have nothing to do what they are talking with. in most of the cases, they are incoherent in their talks. one person is talking something else and other is talking something else which is far away related to the talks of the other person. it seems that they talk just for the sake of talking. no one in interested in others and no one really cares what others think. if this is the modern life then we really need to sit back and should think that what we really need; these relationships and life killing gadgets or a fruitful and peaceful life.


in west, most of the people suffer from insomnia and all these gadgets play an important role in that. people’s stress level is quite high as compared to the people who don’t use or don’t have access to these electronic gadgets. I’m not saying that we should not use these gadgets but we need to set our priorities also. the excessive use of anything is always harmful. these can be a boon if we can limit our use or keep them with us only when they are really required. medical scientist says that the battery of a smartphone contains more germs than that of a toilet sheet.

so I don’t want any other gadget which will make people’s life more stressful and irritating. I want to see calm and peaceful people and who cares about their surroundings. I want people to spend their free time with their families and friends rather than on the non-living gadgets.

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5 thoughts on “Gadgets, Are they really helpful?

  1. THIS!! This is an excellent post! I love how much easier technology has made it to access scientific information, but so many of these new gadgets seem unnecessary to me. In fact I’ve purposely not bought a smart phone because I don’t want to be tempted to be online all the time. If I’m at work or on a walk I’d rather be focused on real life, not my cyber life. There’s so much wonder around us every day; I think it’s important to turn off all the gadgets sometimes and experience it.

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  2. Amrita

    Gadgets are only TOOLS to simplify or solve certain issues. We need to understand this. Smart phone, I-phone, Laptops, Face book, word press are tools, Watsapp are tools made for particular use, and it’s on us how to use them, how much to use them.

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