How is the year shaping up for you so far? Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?

I haven’t made any resolution for this year neither I had made any before. because I know that my resolution will be the things that I’ll never do and resolution is the best way to skip them and procrastinating them continuously. though it accidently ordered to me that I have taken a reading challenging for this year. I had no preplanning for this. it just happened and it’s going a fine way.

I knew that I could read one book per week so, I made to 50 books for this year which is quite challenging actually because sometimes I do not get the chance to read anything for I get busy with my college stuff. this is mid-February and I have completed 7 books for the challenge and I am happy by that and I hope that same progress will remain throughout the whole year.

I do not like the idea of hindsight that much because it helps less but confuses more. though by hindsight, we come to know what are the mistakes we committed in the past and should not be repeated in the future. but sometimes we start judging the things or people under the canvas of the hindsight. it gives fewer solutions and more problems. because we analyse a past happening there arises a various question in mind rather than finding the solution. but doing something presently and hind sighting that in the future are two totally different things.
it’s not possible to know at present that what will happen in the next few moments but during hind sighting we already know the result, and we just try to justify our decisions and give alternate solutions but they are of no use now because it’s already happened. so it’s more useful to focus on the present by keeping the past mistakes in our mind. they should not be repeated at this time.

someone has said that there is nothing wrong in committing mistakes but it’s very tragic to repeat the same mistake again and again because that means we are not learning our past. and unless we learn from the past it is not possible to move a single step ahead. I have seen my example of the people when they start hind sighting some historical events and they offer that if they have done it differently, we could have a different present.


they are absolutely right that we could have a different present but different doesn’t mean that we could have a better present. it could be more tragic who knows that. and at the times of doing no one knows that what will be the outcome and there is no way to know that. though we can predict the outcome but that is far way from the reality. so it’s always better to focus on the present and accept the things as they happen because it’s only we who are responsible for any happening and there is no point in hind sighting.


Daily Prompt: Thanks, Hindsight!


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