Why should I inherit my religion?

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.


we are a different person at different phases of life and after moving across a certain phase we wonder how could I be like that. it was so foolish, no fool will do that but unless we cross the phase we never know. it’s our hindsight which helps to analyse ourselves. this very knowing of our past foolishness is called self-awareness unless it’s is here it’s very difficult to raise a question about ourselves. we always live in a delusion that whatever we do is right but we never see that out of that right doing we are not getting the right results that mean there is something wrong with our doing and it needs some modification. in my childhood, I used to be a different person from what i am now.

In India especially in rural areas people want that their children should follow their inherited religion, they start teaching them the religious practices. so did my family when i was a child. more religious you become the more respect you will get in family. and more rebellious or question raisers you are the less respect will be there. my family always tried to involve me in all the religious rituals related to family or community custom.

at that time i had no idea what is relevant and what is not. so i followed whatever they said. I used to frequent temples with my family and sometimes alone too. they always thought that I’m gonna be a very religious person in their sense but not in mine, that made them very happy.but as i started getting more mature things were becoming more clear to me, now I could see the useful and uselessness of certain things.


after coming in contact with science, i started becoming more doubtful about many things related to religion. whenever I tried to clear my doubt from my elders who proclaimed them as highly religious, I always got dummy answers which made me more doubtful about their religion. for instance, one day I asked my uncle, “why cow is considered a sacred animal in Hinduism?” the answer I got from him was that because it is written in scripters. this is utter nonsense, who said that whatever is written in scripters is right. unless it is true for me, I can’t accept it at any cost.

but the most astonishing fact is that get offended when I raise questions. though I don’t think that there is anything wrong in going to temples and considering the cow a sacred animal. if cow is sacred then every other animal is also sacred. and if you like to go to temples and you can’t dare to go to other religious places like Mosques, Churchs and Curudwaras then your religion is impotent. this is true for everybody irrespective of the religion he follows.


if I know that there is no God outside, it always resides inside me then there is no need to go to temples. and there is no significance of following some nonsensical rituals. this is the very thing to which perhaps I will never return. though my family still don’t like my this way of life but I can’t obey something for the sake of obeying. with due respect, I always try to put my side before them but the problem is that they never try to hear or understand anything which is not right according to them. though they sometimes agree with me but never dare to renounce any practice. I think they are right unless it comes from your heart there is no point in doing something.

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19 thoughts on “Why should I inherit my religion?

  1. I had a very similar experience. My parents tried their best to make me into the best Catholic possible, and until I entered college they succeeded. But it wasn’t science that made me question my religion, it was history. When I started learning about European history from a secular source, instead of a highly biased religious one, it made me question if my religion really stood for the things it claimed to. And like you the answers I got to my questions were not satisfactory.

    I’ve come to believe that simple obedience to tradition is empty and meaningless. I don’t think religion is inherently bad, but real faith should be based on more than just doing what we’re told.

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    1. I agree with you!
      and history is one of the best sources which can help us to know our past a better way and we come to know what are the things which are really meaningful to us.
      and this happens with most of the people but not everyone raises questions.

      and I think the very concept of inheritance is bad because in that case we don’t add anything from our side but if it comes from our own analysis it is no longer inherited, and it becomes authentic.

      thanks for the input!
      wish you a very happy weekend ahead 🙂
      love and light, Vikram.

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    2. Here’s a question for you. Other than the reformation, what other acts of history reflected poorly on catholicism that you disagree with? Because there’s a lot of history that is attributable to the catholic church, but which, because of individual actions they are not actually responsible for?
      Don’t answer if you don’t feel comfortable. I’m just fascinated by what makes people religious and not

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      1. hey, i hope you get answer to your question. and thanks for the visit.

        and i’d like to add that it’s not the different sectarian group or or the scriptures make us religious. it’s a personal pursuit. a person who doesn’t agree with the corresponding scriptures can also be religious.
        thanks again!!

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      2. Mostly the Inquisition and the Crusades. I can’t agree with going to war or torturing people because their beliefs are deemed ‘heretical’ by the Church. Granted the Crusades were started mainly for economic and political reasons, but the Church played an important role in them.

        In more recent times, the sexual abuse scandals with Catholic priests in the US brings me great shame as well. I realize many people blame the individual priests for those actions, but it was the culture of the American Church that allowed them to continue. Priests who abused children were often protected by their superiors, and transferred to different churches instead of fired. Since I was highly active in the Church when that scandal became public I also know that many individual Catholics blamed the victims for what happened to them; or accused them of lying about their experiences. Even thinking about it now upsets me.

        Of course those are not the only reasons I’m no longer religious, but I’d rather not go into them here.

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      3. Thank you for sharing . The inquisition was a terrible time.
        I once considered myself Catholic too and the pedophilia and the abuse was my number one concern too.
        Thank you very much for starting with me!

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  2. Hi Vikram,
    thanks for sharing your thoughts. What I should add is “search God with your heart and not with your sight”.
    I can relate to things you were explaining here, but it wasn’t my family who would force me. After I moved to another city to start a new life I wanted to “belong” to some group, to do something religious. Some of the teaching were really nice, but some were ridiculous and I am glad, I recognized it enough early to stop this nonsense. Since that I found peace while walking beside the river, feeding swans, listening to nature. Now, as a Christian I seek God with my heart and try to appreciate people by their hearts, not their appearance.
    Have a blessed day!

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    1. Hello, dear Majka!
      thank you so much for your extensive input. and i agree what you said here. it’s totally a matter of heart. we need to put the logic aside in the case of religious pursuit. but following some nonsensical ritual is of no worth.
      I’m happy to know that you can relate this.
      thanks for the visit 🙂
      wish you too a lovely day ahead.

      love and light ❤
      vikram 🙂

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  3. Very thoughtful post. It’s always good to assess all one’s “inherited beliefs” (whether it’s religion or otherwise). In life, you gotta question what people tell you, explore the issues, and come up with your own conclusions. While inherited beliefs can serve as a starting point, they don’t have to be the ending point. I believe your story is evidence of this.

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    1. yeah, i agree with you. if we don’t question then there will be no contribution from our side. and this very questioning makes us authentic.
      thanks for the visit and kind words 🙂

      love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂


  4. Hi Vikram, I agree that blindly following customs makes no sense. I am a science student, and didn’t follow most of the customs of my family. I didn’t feel any need to pray as well. But as I grew older, I realized that when we pray silently, we have some time for ourselves, to become calm and to meditate. And this gives us strength in handling day to day problems.

    We don’t know whether there is God or not. But having faith in some higher power, gives us strength to overcome difficulty. That is the reason we remember God when in difficult situations, hoping that he will help us.

    For me all religions teach same basic values. So it does not matter which religion you follow. Most important thing is to follow right path of truthfulness, kindness, and respect for others.

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    1. Hello, dear Vandana!
      thank you so much for the visit and nice input. I truly appreciate that.

      Now coming to your comment. here you are absolutely right when you say that prayer and meditation give us strength to handle the difficulties in our lives. I agree with that. prayer and meditation have nothing to do with any religion. I can pray and meditate without following any particular religion. I daily do meditation but for that, I don’t need any religion.

      and I also agree with you when you say that we should believe in the higher power because it helps us to live a meaningful life. most importantly, it helps us to get rid of our ego and we come to know the fact things are not dependent on us. they will go on the way they are going eevn if we are not here.

      and I think does God exist or not? is the most useless question that we go on asking again and again. even if we get the answer to the question, nothing is gonna change.

      and one more thing that we do not necessarily need to be from the science background to question the life. because I have seen that very few science student are there who really questions life. and I have seen many other students from other backgrounds who question life better than any science student. I think our approach should be scientific. that’s the most important thing.

      thanks again for the visit 🙂

      Love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂


  5. Everything should be considered sacred and holy because we are all creation of same God . Temples mosques and churches were created , so one can experice peace . The way they are created architectly traps and holds energy , hence when one goes to place of worship feels calm are peaceful if one goes with clear mind . And once mind is peaceful and loving , it is reflection of God . All rituals and practices were made so one could become aware of things and not blindly walk . Religion was created so one can discover true self . Now it has taken whole together different interpretation . People are using it for various advantages. One needs to spread awareness and freedom to practice all or no religion.


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