Alma Mater!

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

Hello, everyone!
I am very thankful to all of you for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of you. I never thought that I will get a chance to speak at my alma mater so I am very grateful for this novel opportunity. It’s been approximately 10 years I graduated from this university. my mind still has each and every memory of here very fresh and it’s never gonna fed away. the impression that this college has made on me is unique in many ways. my life was totally changed after being here. it made me a transformed person who can go for any challenge in life.

as the motto of the university says: “Transforming Education Transforming India”. this college is transforming India by its transforming education in many terms. there are very few private universities which are putting so much effort for the betterment of the education. though our education system has many problems which we need to tackle if we have to provide the education in its real terms.

education means bringing out that which is hidden in you but today’s education system’s focus is on feeding you up with external information, the main focus is on the information rather than knowledge. I met very few graduated who were in real terms educated though there were many informative people who could tell you about any subject and they could debate with you on any topic but when it comes to knowledge about the life they seem to be very naive. it seems like they were wiser before going to the university. the university has given them more smartness, cleverness which now they are using to cheat other people and to bring them down. in actual terms, we should be more capable of handling the life problems effectively.


the main thing that a university provides to the students is some bad habits, a case with most of the students. they start doing smoking. I know many people who could be called very innocent in the first year of college but till the final year, they became chain smoker, drug addicts, and gambler. can’t our universities make them know what is good and bad? and these people are always harmful to everybody because they can do anything for their addiction.

some people can argue that this is up to them to make their life worth or a failure. fine, I agree with that but our surrounding also plays very important role in the making of a person. these are all those people who are studying something in which they have no interest at all so after some time they start losing track and indulge in bad habits which culminate into the destruction self and many other lives. we can observe it well that in a class of 60 students there are only 20 to 30 percent who seem to be interested in that they are studying but what about other 70% people.

either some of these people will go on struggling throughout whole life or will indulge in bad practice out of their boredom and frustration and some will go for Suicides which is very common among students nowadays. to tackle these problems, we need to know our interests. we can’t go for a certain thing because everybody is going with that, no, you don’t have to do that. you just follow your passion then everything will be fine for you. I wish if every person could pursue his passion then there will not be a single person who will fail in the life.


so in my concluding remark, I’d like to request you all to find out your love of life and put your complete energy in that. It’s also very important to know that how to find our passion though it’s not an easy job. there is a trick to know that. “If something gives you contentment and it makes you more serene and as you go deeper into it makes you joyous, then it is your real passion”. but if you think that you are doing something for which you need to push yourself and it’s not making you more centered towards life then please say goodbye to it and do what you love to do. this is easy said than doing, so your persistent effort is required to know what is our passion! I hope you all follow your passion in life!

thank you so much for listening with such a great patience!

Daily Prompt: Alma Mater!


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