Quirky Habits!

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Vinay and Amit are two brilliant students studying in the same college. They have been close friends from last 4 to 5 years. It was in the beginning of 12th grade when
they became acquainted with each other, though belong to the different places in the same state. it was the coaching classes which brought them close to each other.

it’s never been a single time when they tried to avoid helping each other without putting any conditions. They are also very nice to each other and having been in a competitive environment
never felt that there is any competition in between them. But we can’t ignore human nature which survives by the competition. there is slight competition in their
unconscious being which is reflected well at the time of results. At this time, they are always in a hurry of comparing the marks of each other.

in spite of all this, there are few things they don’t like about each other. These are their quirky habits. for instance, it always annoys Vinay when Amit eats with open
mouth and makes the noise of his lips with every bite. Amit has a very strange way of drinking too. He always makes irritating sounds while drinking.


But he is a very nice person so which Vinay tends to ignore these things. Amit is also in the habit of indulging in the argument of a straw man which Vinay never liked. Suppose if they are
debating on something then Amit will argue something which has nothing to do with the topic. these are few habits of Amit which make him Irritating.

Vinay also has few such habits like he is a very confusing person, never gives a clear cut answer. if you ask Vinay Something, you are most probably gonna get another
question in return which Amit never liked because he is a straight forward person and always liked straight answers. for example, if you ask him the address of some
place he will say why do you wanna go there or what’s the need of that? He never answers in a simple yes or no. One more very interesting thing about Vinny is that he
is always intentionally late. no matter how much time you have given to him he is gonna late somehow which really annoys the Amit.
other than this they are very nice to each other.

Daily prompt: Quirk of Habit




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