I don’t like Superpowers!

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

  • the ability to speak and understand any language
  • the ability to travel through time
  • the ability to make any two people agree with each other


today WordPress seems to be quite kind to us.it made us superman today. we got three option of choosing one super power; ability to learn any language, time travel and making two people agree to each other. in my view only the first option can be called a superpower. the time travel and making two people agree to each other do not contain any supremacy in it. learning any language seems to be the only option which is worth choosing.

suppose if I go with the third option where I’ll be able to make to people agree to each other. then there will be no place for logic. reason will lose its value and the whole world will be in an utter boredom. everyone will agree with each other. our every type of growth will stop at once. can we imagine the world without science?

science teaches us to disagree with other people.it teaches us to reason and taking the decision on the basis of our reasoning because one thing can have a different meaning for two people depending on their reason. with the disappearance of the reasoning, this very difference will also disappear and the whole world will be a mad house then.so this is not a good choice. two people should agree only when their reasons match.


same is the case with the concept of time travel. what do we do when we go back in time? we are always in the habit of interfering the universe. unless we add sth from our side, we feel like things are incomplete and we are the only one who have this responsibility of changing the things our way. people always fancy about going back in the time. they want to change some historical events. but thank God it’s not in our hands otherwise we might have disturbed thing terribly.

evolution always proceeds in the forward direction there is no going back. there is no possibility for that.in that case there will be no place for learning. we need to look back to our mistakes but in any way, we can’t change them. we can’t undo them. Doing mistakes is good but doing the same mistake again and again, is terrible. so this is also not a wise choice to pick.


there is only one option which can be considered a sort of superpower. it’s the ability to learn any language. it can help us in many ways. the foremost is that it will enhance our intellectual level immensely. after learning any language, we will be able to interact with everybody in the world and the transfer of information will be faster. almost all the people will have access to the all the quality literature of the world but right now this is not the case.

now only few people have access to authors like shaekespear and dostoevsky. but after this superpower these people will be avilable to everyone. but these are just superpowers, has nothing to do with reality. for that we need to do hard work because not everyone deserve to undrstand these people. that requires a certain level of intellect and that does not come with superpowers. if we really want to reach the world then only our hard work and competence can help us. no superpower will be helpful in that case.

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