let’s give free advice!

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?


Wow! today is the day for the pieces of advice. I love to give advice even when no one needs them. it gives me an opportunity to brag about my knowledge of the subject. but I rarely like to take advice. up to giving it’s fine but when it becomes about taking advice from others it becomes very difficult. it hurts my Ego and gives me a sense of ignorance. I feel like I’m the only person who knows less. everyone is smarter than I here so this very feeling makes me devoid of taking the suggestion from others. even if I have to take one, I do it indirectly so that other will not think of me a novice.

I have no idea why did I write the above paragraph? whether it was a satire or I did mean it, anyway. when it comes to giving advice to my new blogging’s brothers and sisters. I need to be tight lipped. because I’m also quite new here, so, will not be the right person to give any suggestion to others. there is a myriad of things which I still have to learn. but there are certainly few things which I learnt in last few months of blogging. it really helped me to make a better person of me.

Going on is most important:

not only in the case of blogging or writing but in every other aspect of life, going on really matters. how many times God knows we start something but how many such thing we continue always. we try them for some time and after knowing that we are not getting any response from others, we tend to skip. this must be avoided, we need to be going on whether in starting we get nothing out of that.


Mingling matters:

some people just tend to write the blog posts or they reply to comments on their posts only. In order to be a better blogger, I think there should be more interaction from our side. if we want comments from others, then there should be comments or reading from ourselves too. it works mutually. there can be few kind people who go on commenting and encouraging you even if you never visit them but same is not the case with everybody.

Try to be reasonable:

if you want to alter the public opinion, you need to be reasonable in your writing. if you do not hold proper ground for your point then no one will accept that. and it’s human nature that we easily get attracted to the mistakes of others. maybe we do not pinpoint the person for his mistakes but we may judge him on the basis of that mistake.

openness to criticism:

I  think this is the most important thing which we need to keep in mind while being on a public platform. if we are not open to constructive criticism then there will be very fewer chances of learning. it’s gonna make us aware of our shortcomings.

Blogging Courses:

WordPress runs a number a blogging courses for every kind of blogger. be it a newbie or an experienced one who wants to advance his writing. for new members, the bligging101 is a boon. it makes us hero from zero, so, keep participating in various courses.

Be yourself:

this is last but not the least. this is the best thing we can do whenever we have to express ourselves. nothing original will come out of us unless we are ourselves. so be true and be yourself.


these are the few things which helped me a lot in my short journey of blogging. I’m gonna keep them continue, surely it’s will be a great help.

Being a newbie, I’d love to hear your valuable words on the topic.

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22 thoughts on “let’s give free advice!

  1. I’m completely new at this, started my blog yesterday and I’m really glad I stumbled across this post. You give some great advices and I’ll make sure to follow them. 😀
    Can you suggest where can I find new, fresh blogs so we can all support each other from the begining? 😀

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    1. hello!
      thanks for passing by 🙂
      the best to connect with new people is by blogging101 course. but it is not now there.
      I’d suggest have some content on your blog and you can visit the blogs which are in the blog sphere of your following and followers.
      further, you can check this. hope it will help…

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    2. Hi! I’m pretty new, too. And as Vikram said, the Blogging101 course is great. I think there is another course next month. If you go to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/blogging-university/ you’ll find their course schedule.
      Another thing you can do is in your Reader, enter the tag blogging101 and you will find all of the blogs who have tagged their posts with this. There are a bunch of newbies to read there. There are a lot of us just starting out. Mine is not even a month old yet. I would love it if you checked it out. 🙂
      Looking forward to reading yours, too!

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    1. Hello, dear Teressina!
      sorry for late reply; I missed your comment. 🙂
      thank you so much for your visit and kind words. I’d be happier if it could be a little help to you 🙂
      have a great time ahead 🙂
      love and light, Vikram.

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  2. Hi Vikram. I’m extremely new to blogging. I love the “be yourself” advice. I know it probably sounds a bit strange but this medium is one of the only places I feel brave enough to be completely myself. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  3. Stay with blogging. It is venturing into the world of writing, and I believe you have a good start. I read the Reader almost daily. It helps me find others who are writing, and successful. It helps me learn who other people are in our world. It is at our fingertips….the world!

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