Let’s lessen our understanding about certain things!

When life gives you lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

I have seen a number of times people are found to be complaining that they have not understood the life yet. these are all those people who are in the final stage of their lives. if people say this at this point of time then it really worries us. because indirectly they are admitting that they have not got anything from life. the most astonishing fact is that the number of such people is very large. there are very lesser people who are not found to be doing this. what went wrong with these people? why are they admitting that? actually to understand this, we need to look at the complaint very carefully. they say that they didn’t understand life. but do we really need to understand life? will not it do without any understanding?

we are always in a habit of understanding the things. we try to apply our reason on everything. and this very approach becomes the biggest problem of our life. things are always straight and simple but by our reason, we make them too complex that at last we get nothing out of that. I’m not saying that we should not reason or we should not try to understand things. it should be there but it has its own area of applications. we can’t apply reason everywhere. In my understanding in some respects, reason doesn’t work.


for me, life and woman are two such things which can’t be understood. there is only one understanding about them that woman is to be loved not understood and life is to be lived not understood. if we can make this much understanding, we do not need to understand anything else about woman and life. but we always tend to do Ph.D. on things.

life can be made beautiful if we try to live it in its wholeness. all those people won’t be complaining if they would have lived the life in its wholeness rather than trying to understand it. we can get great results from the life if we manage to live it fully. life is so mysterious that none can tell what will happen next moment. it doesn’t follow any rule, nor it have any logic. it can turn anyway anytime. for me, life is the most illogical thing we can have. so it’s better to live each and every moment fully rather than wasting time on understanding it.


same is the case with the woman, she is also not to be understood but loved. some people try very hard to understand the woman but they get nothing. there is only one understanding that she needs your love only and this is all you can do for her. no need to understand her. someone asked a knowledgeable man, ” Is there any man who fully understood the woman?” there is only one man who fully understood the woman but the problem is none knows him, the man replied.

today’s prompt asks that, when life gives you lemons, make sth else. this is all we can do. because unless we do some experiments with things we never come to know about the funny side of them. we need to look on things from a very different perspective. every time we change our perspective on the same thing we are gonna get the different result. so keep on experimenting and keep on enjoying. there are only two things. one is the success and other is learning lessons. there is no failure in life unless we quit.

after all, not everyone likes the lemon’s taste. sometimes we need to convert them into sweeteners and it’s is quite interesting too. it all depends on us. like wise I made sth very strange and incoherent of this prompt.

Daily Prompt: Not Lemonade



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