Doing Sth Scary!

When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?


In our lives, we face many challenges. the most important challenges are those which we face when we do sth first time that is bit challenges. sometimes we want to do sth which is quite challenges. in that case, we seek some support from other people to encourage us. there are so many things in which the moral support is required. though that does not do sth directly for us but that acts like a catalyst which affects our performance considerably but does not take part in.

every person faces a different set of problems which are quite scary and stressful for him. we have two types of people who seek moral support from different sources. first are the ones who seek moral support from their friends, family members and beloved ones. because these are the people who know them well and will be a better moral support. they will be helpful in encouraging them. so it’s always plus point if they are surrounded by these people while doing sth scary and stressful.


but there is a different set of people too who does not like to be with his friends and family members. they think that when he will be doing sth challenging, the friends and family members will mock him and that will be discouraging for him. they do not want to hamper their performance due to these factors. so, they want to be surrounded by  strangers so that there will be no problem while doing sth new and they will be able to focus well.

I put myself in the first category of people. my family and friends have been always a great source of moral support. they always encourage me to do the best things in my life and these are the people who know us well so they can pinpoint our shortcomings well. we do get moral support from strangers too but many of us will feel uncomfortable while doing sth which is quite new and challenging to us. sometimes it also happens that whenever our friend or knower pinpoint any mistake we take that positively and get benefited from that. but if any stranger pinpoint sth we sometimes take that in a negative way and our Ego gets hurt which harms us tremendously. so it is better to be with our beloved ones in such situations.


In my life I have made all the decision myself. there has never been any intervention from my family’s side. they always supported my all the decisions and helped me if I have made some mistakes anywhere but never questioned my decision. I think it is the best thing to do because unless we will not take decision ourselves we will never know what is good or bad for us. other people can never know what is our true nature. they can only support us but they can not make decisions for us. it is we who are going to make the decisions and it brings a sense of responsibility. if we are making decisions ourselves then we are the only ones who will be responsible for any outcome. be it desirable or undesirable.

what is your source of support?

Daily Prompt: Witness Protection


2 thoughts on “Doing Sth Scary!

  1. Hi Vikram, personally, I tend to feel a very deep level of disappointment if I receive negative feedback from family or friends. In some way, it gives me a massive sense of “I’m not good enough”-a terrible feeling that is perhaps unjustified, however it is a ‘hypersensitivity’ I seem to be stuck with. Alternatively, I have very little fear when I expose myself to those who have no preconceived ideas about me. Thanks for the post.

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