Why should i be unbearable to myself?

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

we all have some particular set of fears in our lives.some people are afraid of water or swimming. some are afraid of heights while some are the camera-phobic. in my childhood, I also had the water phobia. I used to be afraid of entering in deep water. I had a very strange but a well-known conception that I will not go into the water unless I learn how to swim. now with this concept, I could never overcome my water fear.

the other thing is about the camera. though I will not call it fear. I am not a fashion conscious person so I do not prefer to record myself so much. I rarely take photos of me.
but if one of my friends intends to do so I never refuse to him because I do not find any reason behind that. neither I am insecure about myself. and why it is so necessary that every day we need to do a photo shoot.


everyone comes in this world with a unique beauty then what is the need to verify that. but public opinion matters to us a lot. unless someone says that wow! you are gorgeous. we do not convince ourselves that we are beautiful but how valid that beauty is which comes from the other’s opinion. if we are not sure about ourselves that we are beautiful or not then how can anybody tell that accurately. in my view, all those who are not sure about themselves become fashion conscious and they try to hide their insecurity behind the layers of fashion.


public speaking is one thing which has been alien to me. I rarely speak publicly, especially in the English. the main reason is I never get an opportunity for that. though I continuously participate in my class activities but that does not constitute public speaking. recently I got a chance to record a blogcast for a forum. it was my ever first recording of my voice. as I listened to the voice I felt quite awkward.

it was like someone else was speaking. I observed lot’s of thing which required improvement. it was just me so,  I had to accept it and this is the best thing I could do. I have never been unbearable to me. I always accept me as I am because unless I accept myself in my original form there can’t be any improvement. so the self-acceptance is very important to me. this very acceptance will change me.

I first need to love myself If I have to love any other person. unless I am able to love myself how can I love others. so we should be ourselves. that is the best thing to do.

Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me


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