Let’s Disappear!

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

Wow! I’m very happy today. WordPress has given me a secret power of appearing and disappearing at my will. awesome!! thank you so much, WordPress. but I’m afraid it will not be a secret for a long time. the problem is that we have to write a prompt on this. so it will be open to everyone as my post is on my blog. actually, I didn’t want to tell anyone about this  but I can’t help me now. so I will not be able to exploit this as much I thought.

as I hear about the power there are so many things which come to my mind. the first thing is that I will do all those things which I could not do otherwise. in everyday’s life, it happens with us that we want to do certain things but we don’t do them due to certain factors. may be we are concerned about our Hippocratic morality. we are concerned about the people around us. for example, if we are sitting in a class. the situation becomes like all the so called bad guys start screaming and make sounds of the hollering and sometimes they make fun of the teacher too.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.09.19 PM

but what about so-called good and sincere guys. they do not do anything like this but that does not mean that they do not want to do. they do not do because they have made a certain image of themselves in the eyes of the teacher so they always have to protect that image.

here I’m using the word so called for both the categories because I think neither bad guys are so bad nor the good guys are so good. and in a way, I think bad guys are better than so-called good guys. because bad guys express whatever comes to their mind. they do not suppress anything within them but this is not the case wit good guys. they need to be very careful about their words. they never speak their heart. they always speak their head.
so for me, this is the biggest way in which I’ll use my super power. in this way, I’ll not be recognised and I will be doing whatever I want to do. yey!!


the other most important use of this power will be in knowing the secrets of other people. I always wanted to peek in the private life of other people so now it will be my biggest weapon to protect my goodness. this will help me to know what my friends think about me when I am not with them. it will help me to know what my family members talk about me when I’m out. this will help me the true face of the people because people never have  the same face. their faces go on changing as the situation changes. and the maximum use of this power will be certainly negative. because we are more likely to hide us when we are doing bad things but in the case of good things we never think about hiding. otherwise, we will not be get recognised.

so these are few uses of this power for me. there are many more which can’t be listed here because the length of the post does not allow me. and finally, I want to say no power is good or bad. everything depends on how do we use.

Daily Prompt: Now You See Me


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