If I Could Turn Back Time: Not A Good Idea!

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?


Today’s prompt is quite interesting. you may have observed in your childhood days that you wish to have some supernatural power so that you could do things according to your wish. most common thing among the children is that they want to be an adult as soon as possible. this is their biggest wish. because they have seen many times that elder people are given more respect and they are involved in most of the activities. and children are told that you will understand this when you will be adult or mature so they get an idea that there is sth very good with to be an adult.

and the same thing happens with the adults. they always go on missing their childhood and want to be again child if they could somehow. we always wish to go to the past and want to do things which we missed then. it sounds good when someone says what if you could turn back time and people already have plans for that. they will not even think about the changes they are going to make.


for example, if a person had a break-up some time back. and there were some misunderstanding due which that happened or maybe love was not there anymore. now person got a chance to change the things. obviously, he would like to be in the relation again and would be with the person he loved passionately. one more example we can take is that suppose God Forbids, someone’s father was murdered few years back. and he could be saved if he would have got a little assistance of some other person. now if the son could turn back time, he will certainly go to the past and will undo the murder.


there are two examples in which things can be changed according to our wish. but will that certainly be helpful for us. if we get our beloved one back. will that make our life better in some way. if we get our father’s life back. would then our life be joyful. I do not think so. because if things are to happen according to our wish then there could be no meaning in life. and it would be very boring then. in that case, there will be no learning from our mistakes because mistakes will not be there anymore.


what is the guarantee that even after getting our beloved one back there will be no misunderstanding and there will be no conflict between us. and things can’t be permanent. what we have today we have to lose somewhere in the future. so there is not point in going back to time and changing the things accordingly. what happens to us bring a lesson for us to learn. if there will be everything according to our wish then there can’t be any learning and without learning no evolution is possible. so things need to be accepted as they come. and someone has said, “we get the only things which we deserve.”
so if we get pain in life that means we deserve that. I would not go with the idea of turning back time because that is not needed at all.

Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time


8 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time: Not A Good Idea!

  1. Yes, the beauty of life is in knowing that we cannot undo the passage of time, but can only do whatever we can to live happily in the future. The wisdom of today was because of the mistakes of Yesterday. We learn as time ticks away daily.

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