Modern Family: A Meeting With My Great Grandfather!

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

I am an early bird. so I usually get up early morning. but sth unusual happened to me today. my mother woke me up a 10:30 am, 5 hours late of my schedule. my mother screamed at me, what happened to you today? why did not you wake up on the time?

I was still in the state of drowsiness and wasn’t able to answer. after getting fresh up few moments later, I went to chicken and demanded some coffee. mother poured coffee for me and asked again why didn’t you wake up early. I said, come here I’ll tell you, what was the reason. my mother got curious and followed me to my bedroom. we sat on the bad and were looking at each other in a perplexed way. I said, I had a strange dream today. what dream? mother inquired.



I had my great grandfather in my dream, I sang out. mother was surprised. because she and I knew very little about him. what did he say? she asked.
I’ll give you each and every detail. it was a long meeting and he himself told me that he was my great grandfather. we had dinner together. the mother was delighted by this which I could sense from her eyes. they were beaming. okay tell me everything about the meeting with your great grandfather in detail, she professed.


okay, I’m giving you each and every detail about our meeting. I was on my way to college. I just went a few steps from our home then suddenly someone punctuated me from behind. I turned back. there was an old man in his seventies. he was leaning forward. how can I help you, sir, I said. he was smiling at me and was looking very happy. like he had found sth very precious thing. do not you know me? he said. I’m sorry but I never met you before. okay, you won’t know me. you were not there when I left home. I was constantly looking at him.



he said I’m your great grandfather, grandfather of your father. I was surprised and happy to now that. how do you know me? I inquired. I know you but you do not know me and I know each and every member of your family. should we not sit somewhere, he said. there was a garden few steps ahead. I asked him to go there and sit.

but he insisted on going in a nearby restaurant and wished to have a dinner with me. okay as you feel like, I said. we went inside the restaurant. here searched a seat in a corner so that we can talk comfortably. we ordered a pan pizza and a cold drink  for the dinner. as we were having the dinner he started asking about you and father. I started, they are very happy and care so much about me. they are very nice to me. I told a lot of things  about you people which I could remember that time.


then he asked that where were you going when I stopped you on the way. I was going to college. what type of college do you have at this time? he asked surprisingly. I attend evening classes. oh so now colleges run at nights also. our time there was only morning classes.

Cole & John-600-thumb-600x443-7869

then I got a message on my phone. as I took out my phone to check the SMS. he started looking at me surprisingly. he said what is that? this is a mobile phone. didn’t you have this in your time? no? he said. it was really shocking for him that things had got changed considerably.

he got curious about the things which were around nowadays. he inquired about so many things. like LCD/LED tv, computers, laptops, automated vehicle cars, automated cooking devices. he was amazed by all these changes. by now we had finished the dinner and stand-up to go and the next moment you woke me up. it was such an amazing dream. I could see tears in my mother’s eyes. she was overwhelmed by this.

Daily Prompt: Modern Families


6 thoughts on “Modern Family: A Meeting With My Great Grandfather!

    1. Hello, Pam!
      yeah, it’s so good if we could get a chance to talk with our ancestors in the case to understand past in a better way. I always wish I could hear their experiences about life. 🙂
      thanks for the input and your kind words 🙂

      love and light ❤
      Vikram 🙂

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