The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Me Today!

Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?


Before writing the response for any daily prompt given by daily post, I always try to go through some other blogs and try to know what others are saying. now it has become a habit. I do this every time. sometimes I find that some 0f people do not care about the prompt. they just post anything and create a pingback to daily prompt. while reading the responses on today’s prompt, I found most of the member were not coherent in their thoughts and just trying to connect it to prompt somehow. reason being it is such a boring prompt. and I agree with them.

I also do not like this prompt too much. it is asking about the worst thing which can happen to us today. why do not they ask the best thing can happen to us today. is it really necessary for us to focus on negative thoughts? I’m not willing to do that. I intend to spread some positive vibes rather than thinking about a boring prompt.


but as the daily post has given this to us. so, there must be some motive behind that. I could be anything. maybe daily post wants to know what are the things we dread or how negative we can go about ourselves or maybe about others. and if sth like this happens to us then how would we be dealing with that. what better option can we have to deal with such a problem.

being an optimist, it will be very hard for me to think about the worst thing that can happen to me because that thought seldom comes to my mind. but being optimist does not mean that anything bad will not happen to us. I think all the good people are more prone to bad happening because perhaps mother nature might need to taste their kindness.

now I would try to think about the worst thing that can happen to me today.  it’s my exam today. up till now I have always given all my exams in a fine way.  it is the exam for “design of machine element” a core subject in my 5th semester of mechanical engineering course.


we had a very good class teacher of this subject. he was Hos(head of school ). so I am prepared very well for the exam. i have revised revised all the basic concepts and important topics. and I taught some of the important topics to my friend too last night. so it has been a double revision for me. I am quite confident about the exams.

I entered the examination hall at 9:20 am and the starting time was 9:30 am so, I reached pretty well before the time. approx all the seats had been occupied already and the invigilator was arranging the answer sheets and question papers. the exam started at sharp 9:30 am. I got the question paper and tried to go through it as soon as possible. it was an easy paper for me. all the questions were familiar to me.


I started solving the paper. it had been approx one hour I was doing the paper, then someone started to punctuating me from behind. I didn’t care about him and got busy in my paper. he did the same thing again, then I turned back and said what’s the problem? he wanted me to pass a chit to him from the other guy who was sitting 3 places ahead of me. I refused him to do so. he slightly got offended. then perhaps he told the other guy to throw the chit towards him. he did so but it didn’t reach to him and fell down under my desk near my feet. I was not aware of what had happened .

after some time ther was a state of sudden alertness. everyone’s focus was on his answer sheet. one one was looking here and there. reason being inspection team was there. they were inspecting everyone very carefuly. then one officer came in our row and started looking at our faces and was also looking under the benches and desks. i did not give much notice to him. i was busy with my paper. then suddenly i saw that he stooped near me. he bend down and took out the chit from underneath of my desk. he started smiling. i too smiled in response. he said stand-up and asked what is this?


i was surprised and said that i have no idea about this and it’s not mine. but that was not enough to prove my honesty. he said that it is yours and a case of cheating will be there against you. i was bewildered by this. i had no idea what to do about this now. i tried my hard to prove that it’s not mine but didn’t get anywhere. even he got more suspicous of me. and finally he awarded an UMS to me in that subject. all my expectation were destroyed at once. i was so confident and was expecting so much from this subject. but what did i get finally? A UMS.

this is the worst thing that can happen to me today.

PS you need not to worry about this. nothing happened like this in actual. it is completely fictional.

Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario


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