What Is Your Luxury?

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.


today’s prompt is about luxury. so before talking about the prompt let’s first try to know what does luxury mean actually? if we go with the dictionary definition of the term then it is Something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity. so if we interpret the definition in simple terms, it is sth which we wish to have but it is not a compulsion to have. so if circumstances do not allow, we can deny to this. for example if a person wanna have dinner in a five-star hotel but his budget does not allow him. so in that case, he will deny this and will be okay with three-star or home made food. but if we are starving and are in a hard need of food but here also we are not able to access the food for our starvation. in this case, we can’t deny. by any means, we have to arrange for that. this is not a luxury. this is our necessity.


so all our luxuries depend on our wishes and interest. it is a relative term. one thing can be a luxury for a person but it is not necessary that same will be the case with other people too. for a rich materialist, the Armani suit can be a luxury but that will be a total garbage for a monk. all our luxuries are the production of our mind. it can also get changed with time. for a person, a certain thing can be a luxury in younger age but his luxuries will be changed as he will grow old.

now, what is my luxury? is that a high racing car? or to have an expensive suit? no, sorry. these are not my luxuries. actually, no worldly thing comes into my list of luxuries. though I am not a minimalist. it’s a good idea if anyone like to be that but that is not my taste. I like to live life in its wholeness. I don’t aspire for  worldly luxuries I will let them come as I will prosper in my life but my focus will not be on them.


if I talk about my luxury that will be my contribution to the well-being of people. I want to stick my focus on the change that in can bring to the lives of people. when  I say change, what do I mean by that? does that mean that I’ll be catching people and will try to change their opinion and attitude by convincing them for that? no, I do not mean that. I want people to be aware of the happening around them especially those who do not have the proper education. I want people to be emotional, mentally and spiritually strong. that will make them handle the problems of their lives in a proper way and they will not be miserable anymore.
this is a short part of my luxuries of my life. what is your luxury?

Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’


4 thoughts on “What Is Your Luxury?

  1. Your post strikes a chord with me. I don’t aspire to acquire a lot of things to make me “happy.” I suppose the one thing that I would love to do that I am currently unable to do, is to travel around the world. Even that can be done rather simply if one is willing to stay in humble accommodations.

    Another luxury I wish I had was time. Time to spend on things i enjoy doing. More time to relax and read.

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  2. Hello Vikram, I have just nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award”. I felt an instant connection with your content on reading your post. That meant a lot to me. I hope you will take some time to check out my blog so that you can see the post. I do hope you will continue the good work. Thank you.

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  3. Hello, Dear Paul!
    thank you so much for the nomination and your kind words 🙂
    I’m am greatly honoured by this and will be coming with acceptance post soon 🙂
    wish you happy blogging and a good life 🙂

    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂


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