Sink or Swim: It’s All About Your Attitude!

Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school. What was the outcome?


when we observe  our life or the lives around us carefully we notice that everyone’s life goes in a different way. even if the circumstances are same, we all handle it in a different way. this difference is created by our approach/attitude towards life. our attitude towards the life determines the fruits we are gonna get in the journey of life.

if two people face the same problem then the effect of the problem will not be same on both of them. for one, it can be an ocean of sorrow but for other it can be a great opportunity. so in our life, the attitude matters a lot.


if we talk in the context of the prompt for today. many times in the life we come across situations which are quite new and challenging for us. in that case, we never know what we are supposed to do and how we should handle the problem. here also, our attitude plays a major role. it will determine whether we are gonna swim or sink.

if I talk about my life, in the short period of approx 20 years there have been many cases, when I was on the verge of swim or sink. but with the grace of God or with the help/support of my loved ones I always swam. I come from a family in which I am the eldest member who reached up to university education. my parents were never been to school. they don’t even have the elementary education.

and my father was an alcoholic. so many of  you must be aware of the fact that what problems comes when the father is illiterate and alcoholic both. I had to take family responsibilities in my early age. due to that many times I had to skip my school. sometimes I used to go after half that time I never submitted my fees before the deadline.


I every time submitted it one or two months late. this was happening during the period between 5th to 8th grade. by I never loose my confidence and I never got demotivated enough to skip my school for longer. I was keenly interested in studies.

every time I took things positively which became a great asset to me. it always helped me to rise above all the hurdles. due to this very positive attitude I never blamed my father for the problems I was having. because it was never his fault. and he was not given a proper treatment for that. I do think that it was a test for me provided by life. if it had never been so then I could never be that strong. in actual I’m very grateful to the mother nature  for providing me the opportunities to test myself and to make me a better person. now I never face any problem like a problem. now every problem is an opportunity for me.

Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim




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