Resolved: Making resolutions!

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

In answer to this question, I will offer a big NO. I never liked the idea of making the resolutions. I am not a good planner either. I more of like the idea of living in the present. because this is what we have. since I never made any resolution, does that mean this post is just up to this point, no, I will be giving my take on the prompt.

when I say that I like to live in the present then it is completely different from the statement that I live in the present. because living in the present is not an easy task. it involves a lot of risks. here every time we need to be prepared for each coming moment. because we have no idea about the coming moment. so does that mean living in the present is not a wise thought? no, I do not mean that either. since it is tough so it becomes important.

as far as the making of resolutions is concerned, there are two things which we need to consider. they are making the resolutions and resolving the resolutions. the first one is very easy. everyone can do that. but not everyone can do the second one. it requires a lot of commitment and determination. it is the matter of thinking that we never make resolutions in any month but around 31st December. we make the resolution on 31st December and start breaking all the promises in the first week of January itself. and it happens every year. and it is happening from so many years. what goes wrong? why can’t we resolve?


in answer to these questions, we first need to know that why do we make the resolutions only on the new year, not on any other occasion. what is so special about the new year. aren’t all days similar? the new year has nothing to do with the fulfillment of the promises we make. it all depends upon our state of mind. we never change ourselves but keep on changing our resolutions every time. so we need do change ourselves first to make fruitful changes in other aspects of life. if we are changed then it does not matter when we make the resolution, it will be fulfilled. but if we are the same person then the new year or Christmas is not going to help us.

Daily Prompt: Resolved


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