Unpopular: Struggling between choices!

Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice. 

we make many choices daily. our all the outcomes are decided by our choices. there can be different outcomes for same task depending upon our choices. so, we need to be very careful while making the choice. sometimes it becomes quite difficult to make a choice, in that case, we consider all the  available sources and go with the best alternative.

many times over the course of life we need to make some unfavourable choices. sometimes these choices become quite unpopular and we are never sure about the rightness of our decision. it is the outcome which tells whether the decision taken was right or wrong. this is also called joining the dots. here we connect the outcomes to our past happenings.


here I am sharing an incident in which I had to make an unpopular choice.

now I am in the 6th semester of B.tech. I just completed my 5th semester. this incident occurred in the 4th semester. my whole class was in the lab of the theory of machine, a core subject in  mechanical engineering. there we had to perform the experiment on governors. there were two faculties in the lab, my lab teacher and lab technician. for the experiment, teacher divided all the class into four groups according to roll numbers.  I was allotted the last group. now we started performing experiment group vise. till the turn of 3rd group, everything was going perfectly.


now you can easily inference that sth was gonna happen in our turn. during our turn, the lab technician was giving the instructions about the experiment. then suddenly there was a sound of hollering which was enough to make the teacher furious and he got an idea that sound came from our group but in fact, the sound came from rest of the class. in my group, no one knew that who was the guy did this. before we understood anything, the teacher started demanding for the responsible person. we all were astonished at this gesture. everybody said in the same tone “sir, we didn’t do this.” then the teacher said, what do you think I am a fool? and no one was ready to speak from the class. everyone was behaving like they were not aware of what had happened a few moments ago.


now teacher was continuously asking for the guy. when after some time he observed that no one is willing to take responsibility. he said that if the guy doesn’t come out then the whole group will be allotted zero marks for this experiment and all will be marked absent for the class. we all were watching at each other faces. like sth very unpopular was happening with us. I was continuously thinking that why does that guy not come out so that there will be no harm to anyone unnecessarily. then after going in a deep thought for some time, it occurred to my mind that why should I not go out and take the responsibility for that irresponsible act. that will save many other innocent people. the teacher once again finally asked for the guy to come out but nothing happened.

then I went out and declared that I take the responsibility of the act. it was a very unpopular choice for me. the teacher was asking whether you were really that guy who made the sound. I nodded. the teacher accepted that. in this way, all the other students were exempted from punishment.

PS: Next day I come to know that I also was not punished. perhaps teacher knew it wasn’t me.

Daily prompt: Unpopular




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