Happy Ending: what to quit or not to quit?

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for a gradual change? Did it stick?


few days back I was reading a book or more precisely should i say that I was rereading this which I read first time a year ago. the book was “the monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. I do not know how many of you have already read it. it is a self-help type book.  here author talks about how can we make a balance between material and spiritual life. it is presented in the form of a short novel(novella). in one section it talks about the power of discipline.he discusses how do we develop different habits? whether it is good or bad? what are the different factors which help in sustaining these habits? and we all know how good we(I mean me :D) are at quitting a certain habit if it is not desirable.

for developing and quitting a certain habit, the author gives the formula of 21. he tells that whether we are to make a habit or are to quit it, we need 21 days. because it is a psychologically proved phenomenon that if we do sth continuously for 21 days it becomes a habit. I am of the view that we should not accept any logic if it does not fit in our life. so to check the validity of this 21 days formula, I applied this in my life. I was amazed to see that after following it rigorously I was able to make many changes in my life. so from my personal experience, I can say that it holds perfectly true for me.


here I am presenting one such example which will prove the truthfulness the above-mentioned formula.

I have  always been interested in yoga and meditation or morning exercises. now to follow this, I had to wake up in the early morning. which was quite a tougher task for me. so I started setting the alarm at 5 am. at first due to being enthusiastic about this I used to wake up at the accurate time but after some time, I started skipping this. sometimes there was a very long gap. so it was going in this way only and I was not getting anything out of that. sometimes it disturbed me that why I can’t be consistent with this.

then after some time, I got the above-mentioned gem and I came to know this 21 days formula. the character in the book got considerable changes in his life with the help of this formula. then the very first thought which ran through my mind was that why shan’t I try this. and that very thought proved to be a turning point in my life.  so now I was heartedly determined for this formula. I worked on that continuously for 21 days. though the first week was quite tough for me. I faced many problems then. many times I was on the verge of skipping it but somehow I remained determined and I didn’t lose my consistency. then after 15 days it seemed easier to me and after the completion of 21 days, it got converted in a habit. now I have no problem in waking up early morning. now I daily do my morning exercise.

it worked for me but I am not sure whether it will hold true for everybody so, you do not need to believe me. just apply it in your lives if you wanna make any change and checks it’s validity.

Daily prompt: Happy Endings


7 thoughts on “Happy Ending: what to quit or not to quit?

  1. I wish it could be true for me. I quit smoking and did it for one full year. Then through one occasion, I took back the habit just like that. What went wrong? Now I’m too lazy to do it again. Maybe when the time comes…. 🙂

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  2. Waking up early is also a healthy habit that I want to incorporate into my life. It’s tough though–the snooze button is usually to conveniently located. Knowing that you were able to succeed in doing it, inspires me to try picking up that habit again… 21 days it is! 😀

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