Sunshine Blogger Award!

I heartily thank my kind friend Visakha of Wordly words for nominating me for this award. She is a wonderful  blogger. Her blog is as beautiful as she herself. she is a bold person. there you will find many things ranging from poetry, stories to personal experiences. I highly recommend you people visit her blog and follow her.









My answers to Visakha: 

  • Which is your dream destination? And why?

that is Venice coz it is most beautiful and most romantic place in the world.

  • What are the three things anybody would notice about you the first time they met you (in person)?

positivity, hard work and honesty.

  • What do you think is your biggest weakness?

many times I go on trying to help the people who don’t need my help at all. that affects me a lot.

  • Cats or dogs?

does not matter.

  • What is your idea of fashion (comfort/style)?

for me, it’s a matter of style because high heels have nothing to do with comfort.

  • Which is your favorite season of the year?

every season has its importance so, I love all.

  • What is your favorite book?

Bhagavad Geeta, the Upanishad, Dhammapada and many other coming in the same category.

  • What is the one thing that turns you off?

I’m not sure about that

  • How would you define happiness?

for me, desirelessness brings happiness.

  • Name your favorite actors!


  • Would you rather be born again or live one happy life? Why?

I’d prefer one happy life because we can do in a single life whatever we have to do.

My nominees are:


nisthur anadi

Dr. Meg Sorick



Indira’s Blog

noorain Sobiya

Amra Ismail





questions to my nominees:

  1. what if  WordPress disappears next morning?
  2. what comes to your mind when I say, God?
  3.  what keeps you motivated?
  4. what do you expect from your readers?
  5. which is your favorite tv show?
  6. what makes you angry?
  7. tell two things about your country you dislike most?
  8. tell two things which you did this new year and you will remember  them throughout the whole year?
  9. are you a competitor or a cooperative?
  10. who is your favorite author?

Congratulations to all nominees. cheers!



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