Liebster Award!

I heartily thank Susan of waterblogged for nominating me for this award. She is a kind friend who blogs about books she reads. she named her blog so because she had dropped many books in water. I highly recommend you people visit her blog and needless to say, follow her.


11 Random facts about me:

  • I am a pure vegetarian by choice but not by birth.
  • I am an optimist.
  • I prefer books over movies.
  • I come from a state whose residents are recognised by their tone in other parts of country.
  • Among all the enlightened masters, Osho Rajneesh is my favourite.
  • I can balance well between introversion and extroversion so you can call me an Ambivert.
  • i am not sure whether i am an agnostic or a seeker. but it is sure i am one of them.
  • i am a believer of karma. i also believe in the rebirth philosophy.
  • i love the idea of sleeping in the class when it’s too boring.
  • i love solving mathematical problems even if it is of no worth.
  • i love russian authors most.


my answers to Susan’s questions:

  • Text or picture?

I prefer both depending on the situation which fits best

  • Your motto for life.

Accept whatever comes to you.

  • Arts or science?

I am a science freak but in recent times, I got more inclined to Art.

  • The first thing you remember as a child.

i do not remember when i was child.

  • Why do you blog?

because blogging helps me to share my random musing about life and  I get a chance to learn from and about different people

  • Your blogging resolution for 2016?

making maximum possible positive changes to the lives of different people coming in my contact.

  • The furthest you’ve ever been from home?

the furthest i have ever been from my home is Kota, a city in the state of rajasthan. where i attented coaching classes for one year.

  • What was the last book you read?

it was “The Humiliated and Insulted” by my favourite Fyodor Dostoevsky

  • Give a piece of advice for other bloggers.

I would say rather than just posting on your blogs, spent some time in reading and do participate in a constructive discussion.

  • Have you ever done a reading challenge? If yes, what was it?

No. but I’d love to do one if i got a chance.

  • What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

i do not remember that.


My nominees are:





the geek couple


Chape personal trainer



Debbie L





11 questions to my nominees:

  1. which is most memorable moment of your life?
  2. one thing you regretted doing in your life?
  3. one thing about you which no one knows?
  4. why do you blog?
  5. who is your role model? and why?
  6. which was your favourite subject in college?
  7. which is your favourite genre in books?
  8. how do you spend your free time?
  9. 5 thing you learnt from 2015?
  10. what is your definition of success?
  11. which is your favourite destination? and why?

17 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Congrats on winning this award and thank you so much for nominating me! It is an honor! I am very grateful, unfortunately due to high traffic theses days, I have decided to decline awards at this time…but the thought is very well received. Thanks! Wishing you all the best in all of your blogging adventures!

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  2. The most I love about your blog is your sense of beauty. Everything is beautiful( though the color you chose today to answer questions was a bit hard on eyes!)

    I also spent an year in Kota in 2003 and it transformed my outlook on life. I read books by Osho for the first time over there and they had a great impact on my thinking but then after some time I got over him and read others. I had seen many quotes by Osho on your blog but little did I know he was your favorite.

    Dostoevsky is amazing and I was inclined to read him after reading about him by Osho but couldn’t finish Brothers Karamazov. I enjoyed some others like “notes from the underground” but then it was a long ago!

    I enjoyed reading about you.

    Congratulations 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. oh! my dear friend 🙂
      thank you so much for your extensive feedback and kind words. it really matters to me. 🙂

      yeah, Kota is an amazing place after being there you never remain same person, whether you are good in studies or not, that does not matter.

      and I got introduced to osho at an early was in 10th class. 🙂
      his scientific view towards religion really attracted me towards him. 🙂

      but I have seen many people who came across to Osho at an early age got deviated from their path and ruined their career. 🙂

      I rarely read osho books. I listen to his audio tapes. whatever is written in books is covered in tapes. 🙂

      and yeah I also got to know about Dostoevsky from Osho itself. he is amazing. and Karamazov Brothers is more than amazing. I love that novel most.

      once again dear friend, thank you so much for your kind support. 🙂

      love and light ❤ ❤ ❤

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