True Religion

Osho Darshan Diary 3                

True religion Is a devotion towards life and existence.

Remember it: in every leaf of grass is God.

It is his gesture. In thousand of moods and in thousands of gestures

He is dancing all over. He is dancing within you and without you.

Hence, I teach my sannyasins to dance And to dance

with such abundance That you are lost in it.

That will give you the first taste Of what it is to have a meeting

with god To have a date with god. My sannyasa is not to be serious

It is not to be sad. My sannyasa has to be a song, a celebration

A rejoicing in life. I don’t teach renunciation because to me

God is life, and if you cannot find him in life

You will not find him anywhere else.

God is not to be found in the monasteries Or in Himalayan caves;

He is to be found in life In all kinds of situations

Which one has to encounter in life. God has to be found in all

The bitter experiences and the sweet experiences

That life makes available to you; In the days,

in the nights In the summers, in the winters In the thorns,

in the flowers. God has to be found here in the thick of life.


17 thoughts on “True Religion

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  2. Sure!
    I would love to share 🙂
    but I have two little problems.

    first is that I am more of scientific/logical type person so little doubtful about this concept.

    though I know that this has been a well-developed science in the Vedic period but I would like to know how it works.
    and what’s the proof that we get authentic results.

    I will talk later about the second problem that is related to birth details.

    love and light ❤


    1. hello!

      thanks for passing by and your blessings 🙂

      now coming to the comment, it is hard for me to agree with you that

      God exists separate from us because if it is so then we and God are two different things, but the whole existence is an organic unit

      which in every form reflects God. and we are also an integral part of this existence so God can not exist separate from us. if I believe you then I should also believe that our body also exists separate from our hand. 🙂

      and I also doubt that we are really following His will. 🙂

      love and light ❤

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      1. I believe we are separate from him in a sense that He is a Creator, a separate being, a Spirit higher than us although He has no start nor end for me so it is hard also for me to think he is just here inside us or one of us. I agree however, that we can only be as one with God if we can finally be perfect which is hard in our state for now as I agree with you, we are really not following His will or cannot fully follow His will. Being one with God means being one in spirit and obeying him so humans for me are separate as we are imperfect and not reaching his standards and we sin although I agree that humans and nature are reflection of God’s kindness and love and we have qualities that reflects qualities of God as we are made in His image. I guess we have different sources of belief and opinions so we can agree to disagree. All blessings to you 🙂

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  3. first thing is that I am not inclined to a particular belief system neither I follow any particular religion. while being in love with Krishna, Buddha and Mahavira, I can love Jesus, Mohammed and Lao Tzu too. 🙂

    and I do not find any differences in both eastern and western minds. we are just missing few things. if that can be understood then there will be no problem. 🙂

    and I have no interest in proving my point of god because I think that God has nothing to do with logic. he is beyond logic. for every logic, we have a counter logic. 🙂

    he cannot be proved by logic. the most important thing for me is that we should accept him if we can and live a life of love in its full essence. 🙂


  4. Enkalya

    Thank you for this post. I find it beautiful and on the path toward my beliefs. I do not ascribe to any particular religion as I believe they are a human construct trying to understand the connections we all share rather than an ultimate Truth. I feel Love is the underlying theme of the people whose spirituality I most admire regardless of the religious path they follow.

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    1. Hello, Enkalya!

      thanks for passing by and leaving a comment 🙂

      I agree with you without any reservation 🙂

      I do think that Love is the most profound way for spiritual pursuit 🙂

      if we could completely be in Love then nothing more is needed 🙂

      wish you a great day 🙂

      love and light ❤

      Vikram 🙂

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  5. beingmepresently

    This is a beautiful post. I do not follow a particular religion but I respect all. God, for me is another word for love and I believe it is inside us. When all beings can love fully, I believe this to be when we can evolve or become ‘enlightened’. I suspect that the origin of most religions is the same and different cultures have interpreted the events differently over time (much like Chinese whispers). X

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    Love and regards.


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