Appearance VS Inner Beauty!

Osho Darshan Diary 1

It is said that Jesus was not a beautiful man

In fact, he was an ugly man.

Many people simply laughed at his ugliness.

They missed the point, they could not see deeper.

If you come across the champak flower

You will see a very ordinary flower Not worth looking at twice.

But it is the most precious of flowers.

It contains the greatest perfume possible.


So always remember: the appearance Is not the

real determining factor in life. The container is of no

importance But the content is.

The body may be ordinary, homely, and yet

It may have a soul which is beyond comprehension.

The body may be very beautiful And may be utterly empty,

with no soul at all. This will happen many times in your life

You will come across beautiful people

Who have no souls at all And you will come across people

who are very homely But have tremendous qualities



. Never be deceived by appearances.

Always look deeper, search deeper.

Look at the centre, not at the circumferences.

And the same is true about yourself too:

Don’t be too concerned About the circumference and its decorations.

Think of the centre Of whether there is a centre or not.

If there is not then create it Because to live

without a centre Is not to live at all.

Life begins only when a centre has arisen.

And not everybody has got a centre, remember.

A centre has to be created by tremendous effort


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