3 Quote 3 Day, Round 2, Day 3!


Hello, dear fellow bloggers. our friend David at Chape Personal Trainer has nominated me for this challenge. thank you so much, dear David, for giving me the opportunity to keep posting quotes. He is very friendly. His blog is full of inspirations. I strongly recommend you people visit his blog and follow him in case you have not done this yet.


Challenge rules:


  • Post three consecutive days.
  • You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  • Challenge three different bloggers per day.



today I am choosing Bertrand Russell’s Quote:

Bertrand Russell, 1951






My nominees are:


Debbie L




11 thoughts on “3 Quote 3 Day, Round 2, Day 3!

      1. yeah for example:

        immanuel kant really liked the idea of getting up in early morning(4 AM). but when someone wakes him up he would get offended and starts abusing him. so he was usually in a conflict with his family members.

        so they never tried to disturb his sleep but he had to wake up early morning. so he hired a servant to wake him up. he told the servant that you gotta get me up in early morning . he further added that maybe i will abuse you or will quarrel with you but you have to wake me up anyhow. you can quarrel with me in return if it is needed.

        that’s interesting!

        love and light ❤

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      2. I didn´t know this one about Kant 🙂
        A rich man asked Socrates to teach his son. Socrates asked for 500 coins.
        – For that money, I can buy a donkey, said the rich man.
        – You are right. Buy it so you have two.
        Love and light

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