what is happening in india? Part I


what is happening in India nowadays!
if some of you follow world politics regularly then you might know what is that really happening in India that perhaps never happened before the way it’s going on now.



there are many topics that can come to your mind. we can list some of the topics as the implementation of Goods and Services tax(GST), Indian ruling party, BJP’s defeat in Bihar election. etc.


but I am not gonna talk about these topics and I am least interested in politics. then what is this post all about? this post is actually about a very hot topic happening in India. from the last few months I am reading everyday 4 to 5 news on that topic.



the topic is named as ” whether India is becoming less tolerant” as compared to what it has been for centuries? there are many views that come in the picture every day regarding this question. some say yes to this question. and these people are not average people they are eminent citizens of the country.


this includes world famous writers, film actors and directors, scientists etc. this also include opposition party leaders but they all have just political aspiration so not a worth discussion here.

there is another view point also according to that answers to the question of intolerance is a big NO. this includes main leaders of ruling party and some people from right-wing groups like RSS, VHP etc. they say that there is nothing like increasing level of intolerance in India rather they are conspiring against ruling party to bring them down.



these were the views of people having some recognition but what about common people which includes students like me who has no political aspiration, neither is ambitious about any publicity. they want their country to live in a friendly environment. who want their neighbors to live in harmony.

images (22)



so now the question is what is my viewpoint on the topic?

none of the two views presented above gives any solution to the problem. I think I should stand myself in the middle of position. because in recent times there have been some incidents which really raises questions in the minds of minority group people and they feel that their rights are being compromised.


but there is another side also which says that who is responsible for these events? has common man anything to do with such events. quite, of course, no. but mostly only common man is affected by these happenings.


so in view we really need to have a debate on the topic.




this is a part of series on the topic of intolerance. in next part I will give some details to recent happenings and how the issue of intolerance arose.

your views are most welcome!


I'm delighted to hear from you!

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