Introducing me to Blogger’s world. . .

Who I Am?

Hello Bloggers community, My name is Vikram Bishla, pursuing in Mechanical Engineering from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. I am a normal guy based in Karnal District of Haryana. My prime interests include reading a lot and writing but I write very little and want to write more somehow, I think I can do by starting a blog.
Why am I blogging publicly???
I have always been interested in writing but couldn’t keep that continue. But now I want to make this part of my life and will be continuing it. Now question is why a blog, it is so because blogging is the way by which I can get a platform where I will have an opportunity to meet new peers, newbie like me and experienced ones, who can help me to grow and I will be able to enhance my writing skills and my connection with more people. So this is the main reason behind starting a blog.I am always open to learning.
What topics will I write about???
My writing topics will have a certain range so I will not be limited to the single topic only. My prime interest will be social issues and mathematics. Sometimes I will be writing about religion, psychology and philosophy related issue.Sometimes I will write about my daily life experiences which could be helpful to my readers.
Who would I love to connect with via my blog?
I would love to connect with all those people who are ready to learn and help others. I would like to give all that I know, how much it does not matter to me and I would love to learn from other people also. I am open to new ideas and any constructive feedback that others want to give me.
If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished?
Okay well, if I do that and hope will definitely do that. For the next year, my prime objective will be to make the greatest change to improve the others life through my honest efforts. After one year I would like to see myself as bloggers who will be having a significant number of lovers in my connection on bloggers community. My prime motive will be to spread the love with my blog post.

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