the beauty of concept of mathematics

We ideally say nothing is perfect. Well, there are two things in this world that are perfect.
One is mother nature and other is mathematics. When I say perfect,
I mean it cannot get better than this.
How do I make this conclusion? mother nature is a complex web of life and lifeless.
this very state of it being so perfect is the reason for life and also for death.
mathematics on the other hand, is manmade, to understand nature and beyond.
now there is a debate over whether mathematics was invented or discovered,
but either way it is still perfect.aryabhatt1.pngaryabhatt
mathematics is founded on simple yet powerful elements- numbers. numbers,
just like the elements of nature, share a complex relationship with every other element in that set.
this relationship is universally valid. the equation, (a + b)^2= a^2 + b^2 +2ab, stands true on earth,
on Jupiter and even if the sun goes down. because math does not exist in physical dimensions.
it exists entirely in human mind, it is a  mental concept, and I think is the most beautiful concept
ever made by human mind. mathematics and human beings are co-dependent to aid each other’s growth.
when we get to the bottom of it, we see that mathematics is an abstract representation of nature- element to element,
shape to shape and relation to relation. this fundamental reason suggests that mathematics is no different from nature.
hence, any real-world problem can be solved in mathematics and any mathematics solution is effective in the real world.
of course this statement does not hold true in love and war. those topics are out of scope of this discussion.
what is the largest number your mind can conceive? what is the size of universe? the answer two both these
questions is one and same. the answer is not infinity. it is zero. yes! the size of universe is zero, and so is the
largest number!
let me explain. for every positive number there exists a negative number in mathematics. for every matter there exists
anti-matter in nature. this is the big picture. therefore when you put everything together, the size of the universe is zero.
zero is thus simultaneously everything as well as nothing. that’s why it is called a whole number. you add
or remove anything from this whole it still remains a whole.
this beautiful conception was made in ancient India at a time of when rest of the world was busy with figuring
out whether the earth is flat or round.
it’s really astonishing and makes me proud of the intellectual wisdom of ancient India,
making such a ground braking revelation that changed the human thought process
once and for all!

9 thoughts on “the beauty of concept of mathematics

  1. Wow, that is fascinating. My dad was a mathematical wizard. But he couldn’t figure life out….sad. I’m not very good with math since I became dependant on adding machines when I was a bank teller, supporting myself through college. This is a new way of looking at it. I only knew how to memorize math tables.
    And now I need to study about the ancient history of India. I do love history and this was also a new concept.

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    1. hello Debbie!!!
      thanks for your kind words:)
      and there are many ways of looking on things. I am not a math wizard like your father.
      he must have done or observed something great about mathematics:)
      I am delighted to know that you are interested in ancient history of India.
      I can assure you will find some fascinating text of math and science
      which give an insight to a spiritual life.

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